I see The World’s reporters are falling into “cut and paste” journalism. The Nov. 29 article, “Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals Blocks Jordan Cove Permit”  is nothing but the direct copying of OSCC’s own press release but with a few transitional sentences as tweaks to turn it into the product of The World. People across the nation are challenging the legitimacy of reporting and I like to think that in general the media is out for the balanced truth to present both sides of an issue, but this “article” is just blatantly misleading and doesn’t even cover all the issues LUBA addressed.

At the very best, this article is misleading and missing foundational background on the issues. At its worst, it demonstrates a bias to promote the opponent hyperbole over facts and procedural permitting.

Here are objective facts for The World readers:

  • Coos County approved Jordan Cove’s permit and opponents of the project challenged 16 specific issues within the permit and they made their arguments to LUBA.
  • LUBA then identified eight of those issues as areas that Jordan Cove needs to fix. Jordan Cove must fix them before they can go back to the County for approval.
  • LUBA also completely rejected the eight other issues brought forth.
  • LUBA’s ruling and direction to Jordan Cove has no impact on how state and federal agencies can process permits, other than the CZMA consistency determination, which comes at the very end of the overall process (after all local, state and federal agencies have ruled on Jordan Cove’s permits).
  • Jordan Cove will complete the work identified by LUBA, submit the necessary information and go back to the county for permit approval.

The upshot is The World owes this community a duty to provide balanced coverage on serious matters concerning our area.   Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.  For instance, in Wednesday’s Editorial the paper urges Gov. Brown to “confront climate change”.  While I applaud the editorial board’s empathy for the Fijian people, they conveniently ignore the regressive nature of cap & trade policies.  These punitive costs will be borne by Oregon consumers and employers and will have a negligible effect on global warming.   At the Nov. 2 Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Mr. J.L. Wilson presented a cost and benefit analysis of the $700,000,000 cap & trade proposal under consideration by our state legislature.  The World’s Executive Editor was taking notes. Hopefully, fair & balanced!

Todd Goergen

Coos Bay