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A few may dimly remember those letters criticizing Hillary Clinton and favoring Putin's Puppet for president last year.

These right wingers have been rather quiet this year as Trump and Republican egregious behaviors have piled up. Phil thought that the "lying [Democratic] party" was an embarrassment (28/1). Well, back at you Phil and fellow Republicans — exponentially. Tough to make the case that HC would have done worse over the first six months than America's liar in chief, the president who has alienated world leaders, did some swamp draining to surround himself with bottom dwellers, went back on virtually all his hyperbolic campaign promises or just flip flopped (e.g. China's currency manipulation etc., etc.) and don't forget he promised how easy it would be to repeal and replace Obamacare with something much better, which a Republican Congress wouldn't do after all. All it would do was devise something much worse, and Trump was eager to sign on. Claudia wanted the protests to stop (30/1) and just give Trump time. How's that working out for you?

The Donald is trying to govern by ill considered tweets. Firing and belittling his staff, he has given us a dysfunctional White House and has stooped to vulgarity with Scaramucci and he even forced a scout executive to apologize for the campaigning in front of the kids. Given the moribund Dem. Party, Trump has taken on the media; if it isn't complimentary, it's fake news. This is sociopathic conduct.

Clearly America's embarrassment is guilty of obstruction of justice and the smoke of other violations concerning his administration's ties to Russia and conflicts of interest gets thicker (hence his steadfast refusal to reveal his tax returns). HC would have been impeached by now if she had done the same things, but in the electorate's massive stupidity it backstopped Trump with a Republican Congress. Now new lows become new norms. America's stature as a world leader has dropped so far in six months that we have become also-rans.

As we decline, relative to other developed countries, in health care, education, infrastructure, R&D, environmental responsibility, etc., we continue to out pace others in income and wealth disparity thanks to anti-government Conservatives. However, some locals, blinded by social repression, never learn. And anyone who thinks we are better off today is taking an even deeper dive into alt. reality.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay