Just read your letter on the Coos Bay methane wells. For one, you need to educate yourself before spouting off about something you really know nothing about other than what leftist liberals proclaim. I'm from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming where there are an abundance of methane wells. There is no harm done to drinking water.

Drilling rigs are required to drill with fresh water for at least the first 2,000, with no mud or any type of chemical used. The "fack" jobs that are preformed on the wells is completed with either fresh water or the water that was previously produced from the wells without any chemicals at all. The most they'll use use is sand. This isn't the early 2000s anymore. Back then, yes, practices in the energy industry weren't the best, but these days there is little impact on the environment. There are plenty of laws, regulations, and environmentalist that overlook the life of oil and gas fields to make sure things are done right and environmentally safe. The energy industry will greatly benefit the local economy around Coos Bay.

Matt Delancey

Buffalo, Wyo.