I get sick and tired of reading peoples diatribes and bad mouthing of my president "cousin Donald" Trump. I'll bet there is not 10 people in the state of Oregon who have actually met and talked personally with our new "man at the top", and no one who has had dinner with the family or gone to church with them.

I watch the paid "motor mouths" on the boob tube, and am constantly amazed at opinions and conclusions taken from the heads and hands of any army of reporters trying to make a living without lifting a shovel or breaking a sweat.

Looking back on my contractor days in San Diego County and working in the trades of all kinds, I realized with "Donald" talking money, skills, products, weights, spans, the system, and bureaucrats, including using cheap labor, illegal or not.

In watching the latest W.H. secretary trying to swim through the "blabbering" questions, it becomes clear how so many people get caught up in the "feeding" frenzy of unfair and unfounded tripe mistakenly believed to be "the facts".

At the very least we should all thank God (or whoever) we were born Americans, and thankful we eat well, sleep well, and do not walk in fear of our fellow man or neighbors while pursuing our dreams in our land of opportunity. We can even do this "loaded" or sober — our choice.

We should all remind ourselves now and then that the essence of life is not the rewards, it's the struggle for it.

If you are not happy with "the money," then go where the money is, "bigger cities" and tolerate all that goes with it, don't blame the president!

If you are not happy with "cousin Donald" be fair and ask yourself why and what you can do to change your opinions and where your information comes from!

My impression of President Trump is — he is tall, hardworking, has an ego and a beautiful family. He earned every "nickle" by hook or by crook, and was the best choice given the times and choices.

So to all who happen to read my offering — put yourselves in his shoes and would you want that job? Let's all make American great again.

Ken Harlan