The Coos Bay Best Bond finally passed today by a total of 28 votes. I voted against the measure both times, not because I don't care about the children (as those on the other side accuse us of), but for two reasons.

One, our legislators and school administrators have proven time and time again they cannot be trusted to properly spend the money they have already been given. Two, I am tired that as a property owner I am being forced to pay for the education (or miseducation if you will) of every child in Coos Bay. If education was so important to them, why didn't people who actually have children in Coos Bay schools volunteer to pay more property taxes? They could have funded this bond themselves and not stolen from the rest of us. But that's not how things work today, everyone has their hand in the pocket of the person next to them.

Parents who have children in our schools but do not own property will not pay one red cent of this bond. People like me, who own property but do not have children, are forced to subsidize them. Wealthier property owners will not only have to subsidize them, but then most likely pay again for private school for their own children. Will they receive a kickback because their children aren't in public school? Of course not. Frankly, I am sick to death of subsidizing others with schooling, welfare, housing, etc., then being accused of being a miser when I complain about being forced to pay their way at the point of a gun, because that is what this measure is, a legislative gun.

I have no way of avoiding this new tax, it will be added to my property taxes with or without my consent. Twenty-eight people have now decided that thousands of others MUST pay, or else. As the adage goes, "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch." Property owners in Coos Bay have just become the lamb, and I, for one, will not stand for it.

Matthew Wilbanks

Coos Bay