I appreciated your editorial today (Jan. 11, 2018), the point of which was that, in its short session, our legislature should address the most pressing issues. One example of which is PERS debt.

But why am I skeptical about their doing this? They weep and wring their hands over it, but nothing gets done. Our local representative and senator, in their reports to us, don't mention Oregon's looming debt crisis.

Ah, but they don't have to. They are Democrats in a state managed (rather more and more poorly) by a democratic governor and legislature. I am sympathetic. I am a dyed in the wool Democrat. Who wants to take on PERS debt and antagonize those voters? I can't talk to PERS recipients about it either. They ask me what should be done.

Looks to me like the problem won't be solved until PERS recipients get together and come up with the solution. Or maybe the governor should take leadership and risk not being re-elected. Along with the House of Representatives and Senate. Guys! Bite the bullet.

Gary Gregor

North Bend