It is encouraging to see the Coos Bay City Council considering the guidelines for permitting a warming center for the homeless. If indeed we can and should trust our elected officials to be perusing a solution and not just stalling or on a fishing expedition for impediments as I have seen done in other cities.

But we are rapidly approaching our coldest time of the year. Per the weather channel, there is already an Arctic outbreak poised to drop on us the first week of December. Mother Nature will not wait.

If there are no provisions in place for the permit, then one should be granted on a temporary, provisional basis. Hopefully for all the winter of 2017/18.

The deciding point to open should not be set in stone at 32 degrees. While this may be a standard inland, we have 65 degree nights where one can die from falling trees, downed power lines, flying debris, or just being wet through with a 60 or 70 mph wind. All inclemency should be considered.

Contrary to popular belief, homelessness is one disaster or lost job away for most people. Children and families are out there. But life and death not not play favorites. Any life lost unnecessarily is a gross and inexcusable tragedy to the human race.

Once upon a time in a city far away (in this case, Seattle), I would drive my Coast Guard husband down the waterfront to the base in the early hours. Every evening, homeless people would take shelter under the Alaskan Viaduct,  and every winter morning we would see crews picking up and black-bagging those who weren't strong enough to last the night. This is not something you want to see or can longer. If you think the homeless will just disappear, you may be right.

Now, close your eyes and picture this scenario every time you think that maybe they should ... (fill in the black yourself), or maybe just go back where they came from.

If we can not find it in our hearts to provide basic life saving shelter for our more unfortunate fellow human beings, then we, as a society, are "each and everyone one of us, guilty of incestuous genocides.

Surley some arrangement can be made before the red tape turns yellow.

Teressa Anne Rigg

Coos Bay