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I, like many people, have to voice a thought or two about the Oregon fires going on right now.

I have lived here almost 30 years, and have seen smoke like this before for short periods of time. But this is something different, the entire state is on fire! Honestly, I am disgusted with our Oregon governments handling of this. The men fighting these fires, the LOCAL government officials working together, has been an amazing thing to watch, heroes, every one of them! Not enough good things to say about the community organizing to support those in need.

As Texas is showing the American spirit during their biggest crisis in history, so is Oregon! Oregonians are awesome! As I sit here, currently looking at heavy smoke outside, and lucky enough to be safe for now. But the city of Bandon has burned to the ground twice in its history. I have six dogs (five great danes with one very pregnant), eight cats, myself and an elderly mom to evacuate. If it had to happen today, I couldn't do it in the vehicles currently available. So, praying for RAIN!

My heart goes out to the families displaced by the fires and under threat of having to evacuate. Horrific loss of properties that have been owned for generations. What ever livestock that could not be saved, OMG. The animals in the forest! Just so sad. I am only grateful that it is fall, and babies are out of nests, etc. Old enough to move on their own at least, with a chance of instincts getting them to run to safety. Many won't make it though.

At the end of the day, Oregon will make it through this. In time, after the forests begins to renew and grow back, we will actually flourish with a much healthier forest over all — in time. Until then, this is gonna bring some complications this winter when the rains come (ya, mud slides are gonna be epic) and challenges will continue as we rebuild. Rebuilding creates JOBS — nature abhors a vacuum. We will be OK and may, at the end of the day, IN TIME, come out better than we were before. Hard to see that through all this freaking smoke outside though and while houses are still burning down. Wow! Pray for rain folks! Pray for RAIN! LOTS OF IT!

Alana Alexander