Because we are interveners and potentially affected landowners in the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project, the Oregon Department of Justice today sent us the official comments from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) on the project. DOGAMI is the Oregon agency charged with providing the public with scientific information on earthquakes and tsunamis.

In its 14-page, single spaced letter, DOGAMI gives a scathing assessment of the inadequacies of the information that Jordan Cove has provided to the public. It especially discusses the many “deficiencies in the scientific and engineering analyses related to geologic hazards” that is lacking in Jordan Cove’s resource reports. Page after page, DOGAMI describes Jordan Cove’s information as incomplete, missing, unclear, incomprehensible, misleading, outdated, or contrary to modern science and engineering. DOGAMI asserts that the issues associated with the potential Cascadian earthquake and tsunami in our area have not been adequately or accurately addressed to ensure public safety with this project.

Public safety is a major issue with the Jordan Cove project. Public safety is one of the reasons that over 400 people, businesses and groups intervened, most against, the project. This is a record number of intervenors for any FERC project, ever.

If this was a boxing match, after these two punches (first the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) and now DOGAMI) Jordan Cove should be on its knees. But it’s not a boxing match, folks. Mark my words, Jordan Cove will try to minimize these comments as insignificant. It’s going to take all of us staying alert and being involved to make sure that the proposed LNG export project follows all the guidelines and the STRICTEST of safety standards as they try to deliver a safety knockout punch to our community.

Larry and Sylvia Mangan

North Bend