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In responding to Jim Jochum's letter, let's use "logical ideas."

Let's start with a simple metaphor. If there were no cars on the street, no one would be killed by drunk drivers. If there were no weapons readily available in the market place designed to kill as many people as possible in a short a time as possible, there wouldn't be mass people shot with bullets spraying from a weapon of war. I am not talking about taking peoples guns away. There is an extremely small number of people that advocate this. I do not.

The firearm is a very integral component of the American culture. It has been from our very inception. At our beginning, all the energy used to run societies was from water flowing, wind blowing, gravity tugging or animals toiling, and the firearm was a single shot musket that, you are right, couldn't be reloaded as fast as a person can change a clip. These are the weapons that our founders wanted to be widely available. They had just fought a 10-year war where lives, the lives of their families, and all their wealth was at stake, and they did this to create a new form of government, and the new form of society that government would bring with it. They did not write the Second Amendment to fight this new entity. There are several words in the Second Amendment that a lot of people like to overlook. One of those words is regulated. Look it up. The other word is militia. They are talking about easily putting together a force to fight the tyranny that England had exercised over us. These were real concerns, not the adolescent fever dreams of grabbing their AR-15 and dashing off to take on the U.S. Army.

While you are using whatever reference source you are using, try and understand what the word Socialism really means. And then research the way totalitarian regimes begin and how they get control of a country. Compare that to what our present Republican president is doing and saying. While you are at it, look up the definition of corruption.

Bickering about the definition of what is an assault weapon will not bring back any children. It won't prevent the next killer from acting. Keeping these weapons off the street would.

Let's be logical.

Richard Kuznitsky

North Bend