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Why do people insist on writing letters to the editor bloviating about all the horrible dangers we will face and the calamitous effects they can conjure up in their imaginations.

The latest is warning of the horrifying dangers of aircraft exhaust igniting leaking gas leading to an explosion of biblical proportion. I ask, is there any factual basis for that level of concern? Has it ever happened? Does the author not know that a significant LNG terminal has operated for many years a mere chip shot from two of the most prestigious universities in the country, MIT and Harvard. The scientists and engineers at those institutions haven’t raised any alarms. That same storage facility is also quite near to Logan Airport, Boston’s principal commercial airport with hundreds of flights daily. And yet, after decades of operation, there have been no dangerous incidents, let alone a calamity.

Newport, Oregon, is home to a natural gas storage facility nestled in its port and quite near to residences and businesses. No calamitous damage reports from there, either. Business, including tourism, property values nor human life seem to be suffering from its presence.

What are the facts that support the claim that 2 million tons of gas will leak from the JC project? That is more than 25 percent of the total capacity of the plant. That is preposterous!

It is OK if you are against LNG or any other type of industry. That is everyone’s right. But for heaven’s sake, please articulate your objections based on real facts, even if it just that you don’t like it, not the horrifying things you or your friends can imagine.

Jon Barton

Coos Bay