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Please, imagine — signing people up for heart and soul community services with a basic guaranteed income with single payer; instead of recruiting more Armed Force services with single payer. Armed Forces are going into massive robotic biochemical nuclear warfare that is tied to drug wars, more weapons with more violence and planetary destruction with Earth Google Maps.

Imagine all the militarizes world wide standing down and going green together because they want all the education, jobs, thoughts, intentions and MONIES to be devoted to co-creating new Earth happy healthy families, and community service environments with clean air and clean water with these evolving heart and soul community services tied to interconnected infrastructure projects. Imagine all violence being limited to sports activities for those who want to participate in violence.

All red, yellow, black and whites are connected on our little house we all share, planet Earth. We have mass media, cellphones and language apps so that we UNITE humanity to shift all the old ego mind programs, propaganda and systems that use "dark monies' to divide with bullying to conquer to profit the 1 percent while destroying OUR planet.

Evolving heart and soul community services with a basic guaranteed income will help unite all races, religions, spiritual groups, minority groups and genders from inside out. Time for our USA to become one nation under God within (inner peace, inner light and soul purpose jobs) to co-create world healing, unity, justice, LOVE and REAL PEACE!

Lynn Mystic-Healer

North Bend