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“Grab a breath of fresh air” takes on a new meaning when you're unable to find one. Hopefully, those affected by the fires are doing OK. So many, especially the young and aged, have breathing issues. It's a major reason we shouldn't be paving the way for Jordan Cove Energy Project. It would be a top polluter in Oregon, literally first or second, not to mention gas is always a potential fire hazard.

The County Commissioners are paving the way for Jordan Cove. There have been county ordinance updates and current work on an Urban Renewal Plan Amendment. Don't let the urban part throw you, it's about developing the spit under laws meant to alleviate blight in cities. A meeting on this sparked lively comments, especially about our tax dollars. Some pointed out our towns have real problems including homelessness; others said the spit is a beautiful natural habitat the way it is. Many mentioned a job on the spit is a death sentence when the tsunami happens. Citizens got three minutes, and commissioners didn't answer questions. We should be asking why we spend money helping a foreign company. Pembina/Veresen's big dream is a hazardous facility in our hazard zone. Their plans include using our eminent domain law to take our friends and neighbors property. Their pipeline would create a huge fire risk along 232 miles of Oregon. They're asking to use the air we breathe as a dump.

Another “paving” agenda is Port of Coos Bay's planned modifications of the channel, also paid for by taxpayers but mostly of benefit to Jordan Cove. Worst of all, these preparations for polluters and foreign gas speculators are moving forward while there are no funds to actually build the project. Veresen said it was too expensive for them, and recently Mr. Dilger of Pembina said: “We’re excited about Jordan Cove. We think it can happen. We think it might make sense to have partners in there.” Think it can happen, and think we need partners? Translation: we don't have the money. Let's monitor the use of our tax dollars. We can ask why we're doing this for speculators who need unlikely partners. Please come to the Coos County Commission meetings. Send comments on the Port's Environmental Impact Statement to the US Army Corp of Engineers, Portland District. Grab some fresh air and value it!

Janice Williams

North Bend