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R. Todd Goergen and Rick Skinner, Boost Southern Oregon, in a recent op-ed called attention to a study they say is an unfair comparison of the Boardman coal-fired power plant to the Jordan Cove facility in terms of air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

I am not going to defend the study here, but I would like to point out what was stated by the boosters as an interesting comparison of their own. They mentioned that, “Boardman is permitted to emit 4,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas per year, whereas Jordan Cove is down at 1,936,000 tons per year.” I would like to know what Jordan Cove is adding to the grid in exchange for this permitted amount of pollution, at just about half of the coal-fired plant. Boardman provides 601 megawatts to the northwest energy grid. What is Jordan Cove providing for that 1,936,000 permitted tons of pollution? Compressed gas to liquid, apparently. This is just one of many costs above benefits that J.C./PCP will have on our community, state, and nation.

James Fereday

Coos Bay