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Our drugs have a hierarchy of acceptance.

We are all judging the other for their "drug" of choice. Is marijuana any less dangerous than alcohol? I count food, cigarettes, chocolate and soda as vices in my life. Recently I heard methamphetamine "makes" you steal. No, people, you make you steal. A drug will not hold a gun to your head and make you steal things. Here's two things I know about meth. It was created to give focus and stamina, and some say it's a "mood" enhancer in the bedroom. LSD helps expand the mind. In my estimation, alcohol is one of the worst drugs their is. Almost all drugs can kill. Heroin, that's a drug that I have a personal problem with. It is a guaranteed death sentence to our youth. The police won't do anything about heroin, they want the name of meth dealers.

Someone recently told me one of our top federal police agencies have their hand in the heroin pot. True? Who knows. My point being is if you use any drug ... including the one we all have to have, which is what makes it a drug to me, food (if you have an addictive personality, you'll understand what I'm saying) you need to stop judging people for the drugs they use. I know I said I had a problem with heroin. I'm trying very hard not to judge those that sell it and make money off the death of our youth. The youth are making somewhat informed choices. But remember how invincible we thought we were as youth, drinking and driving? I am an advocate of all people and animals and was put on this Earth to help others. But my helping has almost gotten me killed a couple of times. I raised my kids clean and sober and they went through DARE. I was hoping they wouldn't do drugs, including alcohol (go ahead and indulge on the chocolate and food kids!), but I failed.

I was a wife at 16 and a mother at 17. I barely got to party in my youth, so I am now living my "20s." My "remember when" stories started 2.5 years ago. I'm ready to now graduate the school of hard knocks and get back to adulting! I'm tired, although I will always have fun now. Life is way too short not to.

Annette Miles

Coos Bay