Senator Merkley has finally decided to “come to the light” about the Jordan Cove Energy Project. His stance has always been a mystery, because he is a fierce fighter in the war on climate change. Our senator was one of 28 that participated in an all night session in 2014 on this global crisis. He speaks often on this subject.

Senator Mekley's new statement says the last five years brought change making him question “whether this large-scale fossil fuel project still makes sense”. He mentions the possible benefits, but concludes that use of eminent domain is unacceptable “to advance a foreign-owned, private, for-profit project”. He goes on to say, “the terminal would become the largest carbon polluter in Oregon”. He talks about gas not being a cleaner resource when you include all the variables. He includes how the energy markets “have evolved dramatically.” He explains climate disruption effects on Oregon and the world. He presents this important point: “Generations from now, our grandchildren will wonder why we continued to burn fossil fuels when the catastrophic consequences were so evident.”

Enough of the quotes, my friends and I have been writing all of this for years and years. I thank The World for publishing it. The best point made by him and all of us is we need to pursue jobs of the future, jobs we'll get by transitioning to renewable energy sources. He also talked about the other infrastructure projects desperately needed that could create some great jobs.

There's a funny word for someone who finally "gets it," so I am pleased to tell you Senator Merkley is WOKE when it comes to Jordan Cove. I passed some research Ms. McCaffree had done to the senator's staff at one of his town halls she could not attend. They jotted down my name and address. A few days later. I got a hand-written note from Senator Merkley that rightly belongs to Jody. What Senator does that? She can have that treasure when I'm gone. I have always supported him, I voted for him, and I am really proud of him for changing his stance. The climate crisis is a national security issue. Our safety and security is also paramount, because we will have that earthquake and tsunami. Let's not add a gas terminal and pipeline to the existing threats.

Janice Williams

North Bend