The Coos Bay Best Bond is asking the Coos Bay community to provide buildings that are safe and designed to give the best education possible for today's students. It would seem obvious that our school buildings are falling apart, located in a tsunami zone, and outdated. These buildings need to be replaced. With this demonstrated need, it behooves the community to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of today's students.

When we retired and moved to Coos Bay four years ago, we made a decision to become part of a community. That means we sought to support community events and organizations. We joined a church and other organizations that make this community great. We participated because this is now our community.

Two arguments have been made in opposition to this bond measure, both related to the significant retired population in the Coos Bay area. It is said that the increased taxes associated with this measure will place an unbearable burden on retired seniors. Coos Bay already has a lower tax burden than most areas of the state, and the living costs are generally lower, also. Providing good schools is part of the cost of living in a vibrant community with a viable future.

The second argument is that today's seniors don't have children in school, so they don't need to be concerned about schools. This argument seems to say that as soon as my children graduated from high school, I ceased to care about area schools. Such a statement is very short-sighted. Good schools are an indicator of a community that cares about its future. Without good schools, a community will wither and die. We need new industries and employers that can provide jobs with wages that can support families. Good schools are a key to attracting quality employers to our area.

We have become members of the Coos Bay community, therefore we support the Best Bond to provide good schools for our students.

Al Zimmerman

Coos Bay