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I told you so! I was proud to enlist during the Vietnam era.

I love my state with the ocean, the mountains and the green scenery. What I'm not proud of is our governor, Kate Brown.

In my opinion, this women is seriously disturbed. To make meth, heroin, and cocaine a misdemeanor shows just how inept she is. It's like a bad dream. And to think, with our budget short falls as bad as it is, we must now pick up the tab for all abortions, regardless of term, including the immigrant felons who are here illegally. I warned you. I told you we would make them untouchable to deportation. They already get free medical care, and why stop there? May as well buy them their cigarettes and beer and keep giving them enough money to live here in this "sanctuary state."

Next they will be able to vote. How does it feel to be a second class citizen? Where do I go to become a Mexican citizen. What am I thinking, Mexico would never allow that! If we re-elect Kate Brown then we deserve what is coming. Just think about our rights, we never even got to vote on this "sanctuary" garbage. Whose idea was it to say "Hey felons and criminals, come to Oregon and live here. Feel free to rape, pillage, and kill whoever you want. You will not have to worry about serving time, the law doesn't apply to you here. If we do deport you, think of it as a free trip to visit family and friends still in Mexico, since you can keep coming back as often as you like." How much worse can it get? We need to unite as a state and demand to be heard. Oregon's legal citizens should have a say in whether or not to be a sanctuary state.

Terry Bernhardt