Despite my "no" vote, the Coos Bay Schools BEST Bond initiative passed. Less than 25 percent of the registered voters said yes. A registered voter who fails to vote in at least two consecutive elections should be removed from the rolls. Everyone will be paying for a minority opinion. The schools are in terrible shape ... let's hope the current board can correct years of deferred maintenance and bad decisions.

I can pay my current taxes. Next year with the usual increase and the bond increase it may be a different story. I will start cutting back in other areas. Smaller or no donations to local nonprofits ... the museums, Egyptian Theatre and others. Eating at home instead of local restaurants. Home brew coffee instead of from the local drive up. This is a terrible tax increase, and it will cost everyone. Rents will increase and even a median price home will have taxes that many people may not be able to pay. People will think twice about buying a home in Coos Bay when they see the new taxes. I challenge the board to get this done and concentrate on the miserable test scores. They are the lowest in the area.

Richard Shearer

Coos Bay