Congratulations to the school bond supporters.

You lost your first attempt at your bond by 34 votes but claimed it was to close to accept the results so you demanded a new election, which you won by 28 votes.

My question to you is simple. How many times would you have demanded another election until you got the results you wanted? I think most people knew that after you lost the first bond measure that you wouldn't stop until you got the results you wanted. You really did your best using scare tactics and lying to the voters, and the proof was your shiny colored fliers claiming that if the bond was turned down that doctors would leave town and your children would either freeze in an outdated classroom or be endangered by the lack of security, none of which would be addressed by the money raised by the bond. I just hope all of the voters who bought into this scam will have their money in a year or two when most of the bond money will be mismanaged or simply lost.

The school board should be ashamed of their tactics used just to bleed the already over-taxed citizens of this poor area. But we all know that the means justify the end. And since the dollar amount per thousand was just a rough number, when will we know how much it will cost us? And when will this bond be enacted?

And of course The World newspaper was complaisant in this disgusting scam on the elderly and working poor. What next? A road repair bond? Which would be hilarious considering the city has done little if anything to maintain our roads. As usual, when the city can't manage their budget, they simply jack up the taxes which fall on the back of the home owner, which are not all wealthy contrary to belief.

Roger Wilson

Coos Bay