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I read with annoyance Jim Jochum’s scatter gun approach to Sharon Ramirez’s defense of children suffering the number two cause of death in America: gun violence. It is not progressives, but conservatives who insist on repeatedly harking back to the 2016 election, perhaps because their leader does. She lost, as have other candidates throughout history. We’re over it. You’re not. I don’t blame you. I’d be ashamed, too.

  • You assume Sharon knows nothing about war weapons. We know what we need to know. The AR-15 horrendously damages the body, fires rapidly, and is good for killing people.
  • You bounce from there to assume we want to make America a socialist country. I suggest you find a dictionary. FDR said, “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.” You didn’t deny that the NRA is spending huge amounts to buy our government. After all, your hero accepted $21 million from the NRA.
  • You suggested Sharon “grow a spine,” crudely suggesting she lacks courage. Clearly, you do not know Sharon. Few people I know demonstrate as much courage, tenacity, intelligence, and passion. Grow a little courtesy.
  • You assume, as do all who put gun rights ahead of children’s right to life, that we advocate banning guns. We do not. We want to save the lives of kids, which appears low among your priorities. However, the more I watch this moronic battle, the more I wonder if Australia has the right idea. YOU will do nothing to protect children.
  • You conflate efforts to enact sensible gun laws with the failed war on drugs, suggesting gun owners would ignore the law. Would you?
  • It is unclear how you would “protect our schools as well as we protect” other places. Guns in schools? I cannot imagine a more asinine idea. That reasoning would take another letter, and you wouldn’t hear it, anyway.
  • You sneer at gun free zones. Were I young enough to be a parent, I would home school before I would allow my kids to attend a school with armed teachers. FYI, I used to shoot 97 percent with my 2-inch S&W .38. My children were taught about guns from an early age. I do not advocate banning guns, and I do not advocate from ignorance.

Faye Newman

North Bend