Do you know the definition of G.O.M.E.R.? Or what it means to be labeled a drug seeker?

G.O.M.E.R. is medical speak in emergency rooms for Get Out of My Emergency Room, used when the doctor doesn't like you. Being labeled a drug seeker means the doctor doesn't like you and will send you to a pain clinic which is medical speak for 'you are not getting any medical pharmies.'

I suspect that my being from California and having long hair and brown skin had to be the reason I was labeled a drug seeker.

I drove myself to the emergency room six times, and each time I was treated like a G.O.M.E.R. The pain, oh the pain!

The seventh time, I told my wife I couldn't drive to the emergency room so she called the ambulance. The ambulance EMT declared that I was having a heart attack and probably saved my life. The emergency room would have surely just sent me home again.

I spent 15 days at Sacred Heart Hospital after a quadruple bypass. I will release my medical records if I could get justice.

Doctors in Coos Bay and North Bend play a deadly game on their patients.

You are going to see many poor people labeled drug seekers. I think the Justice Department needs to investigate this matter.

David L. Leader

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I was labeled a drug seeker and every time I go in I get treated that way,I have never asked for pain med's but because I come in shaking and sweating they assume I am going through withdraws, Never even checking my blood sugars or asking why I am there. I asked for my medical records and found that they tested me for all kinds of street drugs and for them all to be negative but med's for my frequent migraines I get, But it is in my medical charts now and follows me every where.


David...It's not the color of your skin or hair. I've spoken to 2 white females recently that were given the same treatment, or lack of it in Bay Areas E.R. One ended up being diagnosed with a uterine disorder the other with a blood disorder. Both told me that the E.R. ran drug tests on them without consent then sent them to their "regular doctor" because they thought they just wanted drugs. Both of their drug screens came back clean.


I heard of this when I moved here in 1999. This has always been a "druggie " area and I suspect law enforcement has had some influence on the local medical community in stablishing this mindset.

The problem is laws are not made by people in chronic pain. Lawmakers have no understanding of it outside what the see on TV or whatever. And Reagan's "War on Drugs' made life very difficult for those with legitimate needs. We need a little more sensitivity from the medical community here. x

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