The World has really outdone itself this time. Their vilification of the chair of the Tall Ships event is very sad indeed, and exactly the caliber of "reporting" that I have come to expect from The World and its "reporters."

Mr. Leahy has worked for years to bring this special event to our area, and to improve it each year. Many residents, school children and visitors have been treated to ship tours and sails as well as ship battles. It was unfortunate that the hired promoter was less than honest and did not fulfill his promises, but this paper has no business crucifying Mr. Leahy for his efforts. Instead you should be investigating and reporting on the promotion company who was less than truthful and who shortchanged us all.

Mr. Leahy was instrumental in developing the Boat Building Center of the community. For years he was a well-respected area educator and administrator. He has tirelessly promoted our beautiful area. And instead of thanking him and his committee for their efforts, this paper and others involved have deserted him just like rats on a sinking ship.

How about thanking those in our community who expend their own time, money, efforts and their hearts and souls instead of ripping them apart? Your articles only show that your main goal is to rip Mr. Leahy apart as much as possible.

I can certainly understand why more folks do not step up and volunteer their efforts here. And I can also understand why your readership continues to decrease. When your quality of "reporting" improves, I will then consider purchasing a subscription. Until then I will spend my money on the Register Guard.

Maybe The World and its "reporters" should think about raising their bar on quality reporting. Otherwise I would not be surprised when this paper joins the Enquirer and the other garbage rags at the Walmart check stands.

I wonder if you will print this. Hmm ... .

Joanne Moss

Coos Bay