knife assault

COQUILLE — Coos County deputies, along with Coquille police officers, Wednesday arrested a woman on assault charges after responding to a domestic dispute at Little Valley Trailer Park in Coquille.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene they found 60-year-old Debbie Leon with blood on her clothes and an open wound on her hand.

Upon further investigation deputies found Leon's wound was the result of a fight she had with her boyfriend, Fernando Sandez.

Sandez was in much worse shape with cuts on his neck and arms. He reported he was lying in bed when Leon confronted him about allegedly cheating on her. Sandez claims the accusations were false. Regardless a fight ensued.

The two had been living together and dating for the past four years.

Leon argued that Sandez attacked her first, but was unable to explain how he got the cuts on his neck and arms.

Police believe that Leon was the aggressor, and arrested her for assault in the first degree.

Sandez and Leon were both taken to the Coquille Valley Hospital to be treated for their wounds.