NORTH BEND — SkyWest Airlines is ending its service from Southwest Oregon Regional Airport to Portland International Airport on Feb. 16.

SkyWest, a regional carrier for United Airlines, said the last flight to Portland will leave North Bend at 7 a.m.

"We've been evaluating the route for awhile, and it's just been determined it's no longer economically feasible," SkyWest spokeswoman Marissa Snow said.

The company's evaluation took into account whether the number of passengers using the service would be high enough to maintain the route's profitability, Snow said.

"That's not been the case with this route," she said. "It's just been determined it's no longer economically feasible."

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We urge those of you that feel that way to try our service once. We may not be able to offer you 75 seats, but we do have a comfortable aircraft, friendly people that will call you before your flight if you’re running late, and complimentary coffee in our Portland terminal. We come highly recommended from our regular passengers – our staff offers a level of service that many of the legacy carriers are not able to provide.


After reading your comments, we wanted to address your concerns about SeaPort and help clear the air. We understand that many of you are upset with the departure of SkyWest service, and are hesitant to fly an airline that is new to your community.



The SF flight is where 99% of the golfers have historically come from. That route is still open. The portland route has generally been for locals, and, as our economy is so bad, that group is diminishing.


It was a very sad day when we lost DEPENDABLE service to PDX to cater to very UNdependable service to SFO. In 7 flights - 5 were delayed or cancelled due to weather. . . United got a sweet subsity for the pdx run and then actually priced and scheduled it to where no one could fly it. Connections in SFO stink - from PDX I could fly ANYWHERE. And I agree - that MONSTROSITY is pitifully ugly and a total waste of money better used elsewhere. Wake up folks - before it's to late!


First they slapped Horizon with their United ONLY campaign. I hated to lose them but applauded their actions. I wonder what the cities, airport board was thinking? But then they bribed - ah, subsidized Sky West to fly one flight each way. And in their wisdom chose a flight to Portland at night (no connecting to other flights) return 6am (no flights to connect to out of here!). Who are the target passengers? Is there anyone driving the bus? Things that make you go....hmmmmmmm


[quote]Hello hello said: "This is NOT a good thing. I am planning on flying in to NB from Portland in April. I live in Hawaii and Coos Bay is my "hometown". Seaport will not allow my luggage. What are we suppose to do now? Walk? "[/quote]

NO LUGGAGE? Seriously?

What about golf clubs?

Polar Bear

This area has such BIG plans, LNG, a RAILROAD to haul everything but people, pipelines, a montrosity of a terminal at the airport with no airplanes coming in so people can use it, plus it's UGLY as all get out. And wasn't cheap either.
No airlines to service people will certainly not bring in any big business. Business people need to fly in and out of anyplace they DO business. I need to fly out to get places, so what do I do if I can't drive anymore???? We are stuck here people, now what ???


The math is quite simple. Air travel equates to just about 50% business & 50% Personal. I doubt Luigies or other local mom & pop shops are flying in/out for their businesses. Oregon tourism is mainly a drive thru business. So…if we run away any & all major job producers who want to come to CB...we are left with 50% personal travel & very little business travel. Of the 50% personal travel many are golfers on pleasure trips which surge in the summer and wane in winter. Get use to driving.


seaport airlines?

great a single prop 8 seater? what is this haiti?


Bring family wage jobs to the area. Take advantage of our harbor, forests, and other natural resources. Stop trying to put the cart before the horse and concentrate on rebuilding the economy. No more new sidewalks, benches, parks, fines, fees, and other taxation. It's time to trim our government so that it reflects the crap economy we have now. Make this area attractive to industry. We don't need an Olive Garden, K-Mart, Home Depot, or even a shiny new visitor center. Let's fix it!


I just wish we could go back in time, and let the the airport/port commissioners walk the plank before they started to build that monstrous disaster called the new airport.


i bet the seaplane ride guy would get you there on time!


never used to be a problem. that old airport and carriers worked just fine. pretty sad 2011 comes and you cant fly to portland twice a day at a fair rate. woo hoo bay area.


I totally agree with the man who said "This is not a good thing for Coos Bay!" The people on the board (airport and city) should be made accountable! This city should be growing not sitting still or going backwards, we moved here and there was going to be a Home Depot, which didn't happen, Walgreens has taken 4 years to see it breaking ground. Maybe some of the old-timers who don't want to see growth should back off, let some young blood in that can see some future in the city and help it growth

Hello hello

This is NOT a good thing. I am planning on flying in to NB from Portland in April. I live in Hawaii and Coos Bay is my "hometown". Seaport will not allow my luggage. What are we suppose to do now? Walk?


Such doom and gloom here. It's NOT us. It's them. The airline industry was in dire straits even before the current recession. Now they're really hurting.And they're doing the correct thing by shutting down what is no longer profitable. So is Sears and Kmart. As the port grows, and other business form around that, we already have a nice airport to offer them. Be patient. x


How many times do we have to watch this?

Can any of you on the Board figure out some way of being self-sustaining? Ever? You did this once and we lost Horizon and fifteen jobs. Do you ever learn?

Research this "new" carrier, and let's take bets how long it lasts.


There is not one person I know that would recommend this to his/her friends


How unfortunate! Just one more thing to keep people from visiting a small town/area. What a waste of money on that new airport.

Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering

I predict this will not be a good thing for Coos County. Mark my words. This is only the begging of a major disaster.

I don't know the answer, but I would start by getting Helen and her special interest off the board. I would look at anyone who was responsable for not paying attention in the rush to build a monument to their idiocy, and send them packing also. There is a reason why The Bay Area lost their excellet service. Learn the facts. Pay attention.

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