Coos Bay's Kmart store at 3111 Ocean Blvd. is not on a list of 79 Sears and Kmart stores slated for closure, Sears Holdings Co. announced this morning.

The only Oregon store to be closed is the Sears store in Roseburg, according to the" target= "_blank">list posted on a Sears media website.

The Sears store at Pony Village Mall in North Bend was not one of the stores being considered for closure because it is a franchise store.

Sears Holdings announced Tuesday that it plans to close 100 to 120 stores as part of a strategy of redirecting resources from its underperforming stores to better-performing ones. As it decides what stores to close, the company said it would add locations to the list of 79 released today.


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I will not try and "help" our economy by supporting a venture that could potentially liquify our economy, even though that venture could produce, gosh, maybe 30 jobs!


[quote]penelop said: "Ah, Deceptions, you finally show your true colors! "lower class families" shop at KMart, WalMart, etc. Wow."[/quote]

Well it IS true. The biggest market for those stores are lower class families. Most of Coos Bay is in the lower economic classes. Don't be in denial about that, instead try to help our local economy by supporting businesses such as LNG and ORC.


Ah, Deceptions, you finally show your true colors!

"lower class families" shop at KMart, WalMart, etc.




KMart, Walmart, Fred Meyers... All competing for the same market of lower class families... One will win, guess who.


I like K-Mart. It's a nice quiet place to get out of the weather and away from the crowds.

Where are rights

I agree with Ladthebad shop at K-Mart where things are a lot nicer. I will shop at K-Mart I HATE Wal-Mart to many rude assoc. I can say I did not spent 1 cent at Wal-Mart for Christmas shopping.


Steve, apparently you're the one who's confused here. Sears Holding Company owns Sears and Kmart.


@Steve Pickering, no one is confused (except you). The name of the company that will be closing both Sears and Kmart stores is Sears Holding Company. When Kmart bought Sears in 2005 they renamed it. You are wrong again as usual!!!


I only shop at K-Mart. Great selection, prices, etc. Great people!!!!! I agree, let's support them, we don't need another closed storefront! @Sp, Sears Corp bought KMart a couple years ago.


Sorry Steve! Wrong again. The World writer is correct here. Sears Holdings is correct. K-Mart Holdings did acquire Sears but the merged group kept the Sears name. It is Sears Holdings that is closing underperforming stores. I hate shopping. But Bobby Charitar (spelling), Assistant Manager at K-Mart, demonstrates focused customer service better than any other merchant that I have encountered in Coos County.


why then, mr pickering, do they call it SEARS HOLDINGS as stated in the article


It was not considered a buy out, but a merger. The new company is called Sears Holdings. Some stores with the K-mart name were changed to Sears stores, some stayed K-mart depending on the area they were located in. Sears Holdings decided what stores were to close, it is no longer K-mart or Sears. The new company is based in the Sears headquarters in Chicago.

Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering

Someone is confused here. Sears doesn't own K-Mart. K-Mart owns Sears. Yes K-Mart's and Sears are closing stores, but Sears will not be closing any K-Marts, K-Mart is closing Sears and K-Mart stores.


How can you say that? The published list is for 79 stores out of a possible 120.


Kmart needs community support in order to stay open. I have always enjoyed shopping at Kmart. I can get nearly everything there at the same price as Walmart. They have great prices and a nice selection comparable to Walmart, Fred Meyer and Target. Remember when Kmart was our Walmart? We need to shop more at Kmart like we did in the 70's and 80's. Please frequent our local Kmart more often as we don't need another empty storefront.


Good news! I hate to see the loss of jobs or shopping opportunities for our community. We have lost so much already....

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