COOS BAY — Despite a positive outlook from biologists, the vice chairman of the Oregon Salmon Commission is hesitant to make a firm prediction about the success of the 2013 season.

Charleston fisherman Jeff Reeve said the West Coast season, which opened off Oregon in April, has been relatively successful so far.

“It started out OK,” Reeves said. He’s heard of at least one vessel getting 25 in a short trip, which he said was a pretty decent catch.

“I haven’t heard of the price dropping,” he said. “It’s still around $8.”

In its 2013 abundance forecast, the Northwest Fisheries Science Center predicted above-average returns of Chinook salmon.

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council, which develops regulations for Pacific Northwest ocean fisheries, put the “ocean production index” for Rogue River salmon at its second-highest since 2003.

The California season opened May 1 for the area between Humbug Mountain and the Humboldt South Jetty. As of noon Friday, the season is closed until June due to having met its first quota.

Reeves said that, overall, fishermen in California seem to be having worse luck than those in Oregon.

The West Coast commercial salmon fisheries were declared economic disasters by the federal government in 2006 and 2008.

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