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The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

  • Lynn Standish and Lenora Cunningham
  • Walter De Intinis and Cassie Messerle
  • David Alexander and Kimberly Eikenberry
  • Virgil Llewellyn and Renee Mitchell
  • Travis Beam and Kiana Miller
  • Shane Daugherty and Maria Gibson
  • Richard Hernandez and Caramia Cyr
  • Aaron McCulloch and Cassandra Waters
  • Mr. Howard Keller and Marie Wise
  • Sixx Howell and Dawnya Wyatt
  • David Muns and Cheryl Tilton
  • Christopher Bishop and Rebekah Bemetz
  • Peter Billeter and Morgan Freeman
  • Donald Brymer and Loal Woznniak
  • Tomas Ledesma and Justic Cantrell
  • Daniel Kiewert and Janelle Maine
  • Michael Reiter and Christine Bounds
  • Clayton Pendeleton-Johnson and Amanda Vos
  • Michael Redden and Dafrosa Astorga
  • Patrick Bresnehan and Tiffiny Simmons
  • Mateo Tupac and Breanna Potter
  • Whitney Herzog and Steven Dolezal
  • Jimmy Pruitt and Angelina Martin
  • Stephen Bettelyoun Janet Huckabee
  • Mathew Ortwein and Allison Lucas
  • Eugene Nance III and Alexandra Schultz
  • Ilya Pisman and Lauren Bates
  • Cody Harden and Nicole Bishop
  • Cyle Kearns and Brittany Kelly
  • Brian Lawson and Marilyn Locken
  • Richard Bruan and Christine Sampson
  • Rex Jordan and Virginia Hodgson
  • Samuel Slack and Courtney Rohde
  • Louis David and Amy Pfeifer
  • Casey Cox and Jennifer Lewis
  • Grant Reich and Tina Bunch
  • Mark Underhill and Penny Parker
  • Keith McKnight and Angelene Logiudice
  • Traven Collins and Kendra Phipps-Ludwig
  • Julie Whitted and Robert Hage
  • Sergio Gamino and Maryfaye Grimes
  • Gregory Landcaster and Linda Robertson
  • Matthew Cuneo and Sarah Woods
  • Marc Zika and Kelsie Hanson
  • Peter Chetney and Elizabeth Griffeath
  • Joseph McMillen and Kaylee Motheral
  • James Dotson Jr. and Lisa Johnson
  • Jesse Easley and Allison Wurzell
  • Austin Morgan and Jessica Taylor
  • Nile Alford and Margaret Boone
  • Trevor Davis and Chelsey Forbes
  • Richard Aday and Sharon Cabrales
  • Ethan Noble and Elaine Slutter
  • Thomas Williams and Brittney Converse
  • Alexander Nunez and Mariah Miller
  • Michael Nestor and Rebecca Moore
  • John Foster and Erin Storlie
  • Jason Atkins and Jaycee Capitanich
  • David Button and Yvette Taylor
  • Corey Creed and Samantha Willis
  • Chace Miller and Laurel Avery
  • Gerald Hawker and Nicolette Wilson
  • Joseph Dery and Katie Sutphin
  • Christopher Murch and Kaila Morris
  • Lance Wright and Shauni Arano
  • Michael Hashberger and Darrah Sheffield
  • Justin Love and Rachael Villa
  • Pedro Casas Sanchez and Heather Collins
  • Barry Lyons and Kathryn Peak
  • Dominc Dutton and Tanna Nickerson
  • Levi Wharton and Victoria Emerson
  • Nathan Kahler and Hannah Kintner
  • Lyman Meade and Amanda Hall
  • Zachary Calvert and Haley Knowles
  • Scott Felton Sr. and Alison Wasson
  • Kenneth Lewis and Lisa Demello
  • Joseph Nichols and Amanda Dark
  • Michael Ringo and Stephanie Winans
  • Armando Diaz and Sara Norton
  • Kiefer Allen and Ericka Wheelock
  • Joshua Johnson and Amanda Hackl
  • Kyle Cox and Natasha Lindstrom
  • James Sena and Elizabeth Davis
  • Taylor Elliott and Angel Lawing
  • Jose Santiago and Casey Fraley
  • Daniel Stone and Casie Huff
  • Martin Adams and Margaret Miranda
  • Frank Dovenspike III and Melissa Nagel
  • Matthew Thomas and Raylin Summers
  • David Ramirez and Salina Esquivel
  • Andre Van Rooyen and Kaitlin Kirkeby
  • John Evoniuk and Taylor Reynolds
  • Thomas Kincheloe and Amanda Berry
  • Edward Johnston Jr. and Dianna Franssen
  • Michael Youravish and Kimberly Christensen
  • Michael Braddy and Emily Ely Kirkham
  • Steven Siewell and Denis Campbell
  • Keith Lehman and Jennifer Berry
  • Joseph Lindsay and Helen Lyons
  • Brandon Bowers and Sarah Schofield