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The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

  • Samuel Everett and Jessica Hathcock
  • Rachell Simpson and Sterling Ransom
  • Will McClusky and Stephanie Mursich
  • Noah McKenzie and Emily Wickstrom
  • Kyle Botnen and Taylor Weidman
  • Gordon Stamps and Heather Jablonski
  • Cory Jackson and Brandy West
  • Russell Borthwick and Margaret Douglas
  • Cody Quimby and Billie Moon
  • Daniel Dooley and Amanda Payne
  • William Richards and Carol McCormack
  • Gregory Sargent Jr. and Trisha Clingings
  • Nicklas Barnett and Kimberly Barnett
  • Jeffery Henderson and Melissa Kohlmeyer
  • Joshua Landrum and Audrey Kelly
  • Kevin Webb and Sheila Mayes
  • Tyler Dreveskracht and Klista Reyes-Koot
  • Edgar Maeyens Jr. and Lori Hunt
  • Charles Huckabee and Dorothy Fellows
  • Reggie Muncy Jr. and Raquel Campo Bedoya
  • Austin Ward and Talia Deandrea
  • Charles McKinley and Wanda Monson
  • Dale Pike and Mary Newman
  • Warren Kremer and Amanda Faas
  • Leslie Piatt and Jocelyn Narvaez
  • Jason Empson and Stephanie Freeman
  • Richard Lynch and Barbara Stevens
  • Evan Rush and Julia Meier
  • Jason Muffett and Jessica Maupin
  • Jacob Lopez and Leah Slooten
  • Karl Gulseth and Kristan Easler
  • Christopher Huntley and Denae Warner
  • Aaron Gay and Stacy Sayre-Bostrom
  • Steven King and Cari Friesen