The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

  • Thomas Nelson and Shasta Paquin
  • Casey Cagley and Reann Blount
  • Michael Burgmeier and Qynne McKibben
  • Neal Davis and Michael Dempsey
  • Kevin Strampher Jr. and Bonny Tuller
  • James Sampson Jr. and Tiffany Paulino
  • Chelsea Nagy and James Granger
  • Douglas Anderson and Courtney Hagner
  • Jason Luckman and Shawna Stewart
  • Randall Johnson and Kayla Jarrett
  • Jean Vilters and Charmane Mitchell
  • James Cochran and Katie Wall
  • Dillon Woodworth and Jessica Jacobson
  • Cody Bosler and Jennifer Dossiere
  • Kenneth Hansen and Amanda Peterson
  • Joseph Stoffel and Lyndi Hensley
  • Florentino Lopez Vegas and Monica Casas Montes
  • Kerrick McGowan and Samantha Haney
  • Cameron Calicott and Emily Burgey
  • Brian Handy and Diane Montez
  • Baltazar Hernandez Ramirez and Maria Perez Hernandez
  • Ronald Grant and Shannon Handsaker
  • Gregory Allen and Melanie Vessels
  • Anthony Ocana and Julie Jordan
  • Mason Retallick and Shalana Haren
  • Gary Edwards and Tina Dresser
  • Johnny Blaeser and Hilary Pen
  • Steven Kincaid and Amanda Smith
  • Robert Houghtaling and Lisa Farrell
  • Salvador Sa'nchez and Zana Long
  • Brandon Moses and Haley Dunham
  • Chad Fondren and Debbie Glick
  • Jack Lindsay and Virginia Fortner
  • Edward Sjogren and Mary Holloway
  • Nathan Fowlkes and Felicia McGuire
  • Charles Hubert and Maryah Loftis
  • Nathan Lauby and Brandy Baker
  • Oscar Gonzalez Perez and Monica Machuca Rubio