NORTH BEND — Tensions ran high Tuesday night at an informational meeting about Jordan Cove Energy Partners’ proposed natural gas electric power plant.

The South Dunes Power Plant would provide electricity for the proposed liquefied natural gas export facility on the North Spit.

To build a power plant, Jordan Cove needs a permit from the Oregon Department of Energy. But that permit is in addition to, and separate from, Jordan Cove’s permit application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which looks at the project as a whole.

“A lot of citizens are frustrated,” said Jody McCaffree, the leader of a local anti-LNG group.

“There are a lot of agencies we have to say the same dang things to.”

FERC is currently collecting public comments to inform its own permit application.

Man calls, “Criminal!”

The state energy department held Tuesday’s meeting at the North Bend Public Library to outline its permitting process and answer questions. Representatives from Jordan Cove also briefly described the company’s building plans.

That part of the presentation was short, stalled by interjections from the crowd. The Energy Department moderator threatened to shut the meeting down after several people heckled Jordan Cove’s spokesman Roy Hemmingway.

“Criminal!” one man called out.

Few specifics

Information was limited, anyway, as Jordan Cove has not filed a formal application with the department. The company on Aug. 21 gave the state its 30-day notice of intent to file an application.

“We’re certainly going to have an awful lot more detail about the power plant and what is needed in the application” later on, Hemmingway said.

The public has 10 days left to comment on Jordan Cove’s notice of intent, which angered many of the 20 or so people who attended the meeting. Some claimed, in raised voices, that many locals still don’t know about the Energy Department’s permit.

The Energy Department will incorporate any new information from comments — environmental or safety concerns, etc. — into Jordan Cove’s official application.

Do-or-die moment

The public may still comment on the proposal while the application is being filed, said Chris Green of the state energy department.

A do-or-die moment comes once the state energy department drafts a proposed order, which will be written after the formal application is made. Anyone who fails to comment on the draft proposed order cannot participate in any future appeals, should a permit be granted, Green said.

The power plant would be built on the old Weyerhaeuser liner-board mill site, east of the export facility. The site is currently 20 feet above sea-level. Jordan Cove proposes to raise it an additional 20 feet, which would put it above the tsunami hazard zone, Hemmingway said.

“Takes tremendous energy”

Jordan Cove needs the power plant to export LNG from here. An export facility takes natural gas from a pipeline and cools it into a liquid that can be shipped overseas.

“It takes tremendous energy to cool” natural gas, Hemmingway said, more energy than the local electricity grid can provide.

Jordan Cove previously planned to build an LNG import facility on the North Spit, and even received an import permit from FERC. But the company changed its business model to export early this year, citing market shifts.

The previous plan did not include a power plant.

If the plant is built, it could supply additional power to the local grid, Hemmingway said. It could also connect with future offshore energy projects, such as deep sea wind.

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OK C.S. Lets just keep the Status Que and in the future we won't have to worry about higher anythings because we won't be able to purchase them anyway! Except, for the 'Status Que' part the rest is a oxymoron because there will always be a 'market' regardless who can pay!

Without Markets (see, ORC) your resources become Rocks, Dirt, fallow fields, ghost Cities, ghost States and forgotten Ghost Nation (see Roman Empire)!

So, root for Status Que; change nothing, nothing will change except??????


Dear Common Sense.

1. A state-wide vote is not necessary because everyone in the state is not impacted.
2. Since when does more supply drive up prices? The laws of supply and demand refute this claim.
3. If we have the gas, how does that increase our reliance on others? I'm REALLY confused by this one.
4. Safety? No one in this country has died from an LNG accident since 1941. A great soundbite for panphobics, but unfounded.
5. See #2.


A few years ago, I was reeled in by Ms.McCaffrey's rhetorics and fear mongering and was actually standing at the mill waving signs. In the meantime, I have done the research myself and done a 180. Ms. McCaffrey should find a different hobby, one that doesn't involve keeping our area on the down and low. And for the state-wide vote: The plant is here in our area. I do not want stinking I-5 corridor and PDX metro "we know what's good for you coastal hicks" liberals have a say in it. Go back to CA.

Common Sense

poloele or who ever you are...

Please call up Bob Braddock up & offer your property for his GREAT project & don't be upset when your Gas bill goes drastically UP also (Bob Braddock admits the prices will go UP)!.


Common Sense: As previously mentioned the thing about common sense is that it is so uncommon. Apparently that bears repeating since you've listed your same five points, none of which constitute a "scam." The overwhelming majority of people in Coos Co. favor this development for it's beneficial impact to the economy and we're too busy making a living to attend your events and argue misnomers, lies, damn lies and false statistics. But we are here and we vote.

Common Sense

Hmmmm Donkeyhotay...

Your Quote: "The overwhelming majority of people in Coos Co. favor this development for it's beneficial impact to the economy"

If this was true then I would think you (The so called majority) would support an Oregon State Wide Vote on it? Simple Yes or No on it's existence in Oregon, that way the citizens of Oregon decide if it stays or goes?

Bottomline: You & the few supporters of this Exporting USA Gas SCAM know you are the minority & why there is NO State Wide Vote!!!


We are not a small group. The original petitions were signed by 4000 people. We are currently working on the one for export. Since the beginning the FACTS of the earthquake/tsunami danger have been updated and remapped. Wake the heck up! We get the risk and they get the money after they hire outside people to do the work. They are in an enterprise zone..which means huge tax-breaks. They do their negotiating on the court house steps. Sorry neighbor we are taking your land for the gas folks!


They get the Gold and we get the shaft! mentality is the same as 'the early bird, gets the worm' other take, " The Early Hunter gets the Early Bird" Etc. Etc. Them takin the Gas is better than 'Foreclosure for unpaid taxes'.


The plan presented to Coos Bay City Counsel years ago did include a power plant! It was proposed to be a back up for Emergency Grids and Services! A local Power Plant in our local area is not bad because we have been cut off from power in recent history!


i think the intent of jordan cove has always been to export gas and cover it by saying they are gonna import gas. they just couldnt keep the facade up any longer. i dont believe you can trust them.

Postal Mark

Actually, tsunami, you CAN trust lie, cheat, bribe, steal...anything to get their way, come hell or high water (including tsunamis). They were caught in their lie about this always being planned as an export facility, they fought a county-wide vote attempt, ignored the environmental impact statement that said this was a bad idea...and now Braddock admits it will raise domestic prices...'nuff said.


Nice to see a map showing how close these monster tankers and upwind power plant will be. Wonder what this will do to North Bend property values?

Hannah Hodge

Don't give up Jordan Cove. There are a lot of people rooting for you. My husband and I are 2 of them. It would be nice to see industry and tax money actually come into this area again. Everything in life has pros and cons. I'd consider Jordon Cove and an energy facility being in the area a lot healthier for our community then any fast food restaurant:)

Common Sense

Hannah or who ever you are...

Please call up Bob Braddock up & offer your property for his GREAT project & don't be upset when your Gas bill goes drastically UP also (Bob Braddock admits the prices will go UP)!.


Common Sense: 'prices will go up' is like saying the 'sun will come up' tomorrow! Then again, Tomorrows Never Come and today is history! No human can be sure that prices or sun will go up! Only God can be for sure! In my opinion and I'm stickin' to it! Geno Landrum Candidate *write in* for Coos County Commissioner, position #2


Go Hannah Go! You are right on! Now, add me to the list. Geno Landrum


A lot of citizens are frustrated? More like thousands of Oregonians, and they will come in protest if this horrible thing tries to come to the south coast.Like we said before, GIANT WIND TURBINES can come here on the backs of flatbed trucks, we don't need LNG or the promise of billion dollar railroads to continually line their pockets with profits as we all sit on the potential hazard. When the gas market fluctuates, we're left with the Frankenstein it created. THE MULTI BILLION IS FOR THEM

Common Sense


There would Millions (Majority of Oregon citizens) frustrated & would of voted NO for it if it was on a state wide Ballot (Which it should because it affects large amount of land & people), but the *GoodOleBoys* know that & continue to refuse to put it on Oregon's Side Wide Ballot.

Bottomline: What happened to Democracy in the USA (FERC/Federal Government Decides on LNG License Yes or No, instead of Individual States like Oregon?) & NO state wide Vote in Oregon on this LNG SCAM either?


Democracy in a Republic is an oxymoron! Or is it?


More fearmongering.Gas prices go up every year. So what? It's still a superior fuel when compared to coal, wood or fuel oil. Name one state government capable of doing a project of this size by itself. Of course there's going to be big business involved. Huge safety risk? LNG terminals have an outstanding safety record.Now explain how this is going to make poor people even more poor. The construction work alone will last years. You got got something better?

Edited by staff.

Common Sense


Your Quote: Construction work alone will last years...Correct, but it won't be done with Oregon Citizens let alone locals here, because it's already been decided long ago & announced by Bob Braddock himself that ALL construction will be brought in (French company & several others outside of Oregon to do ALL work (Pipeline & Terminal) & on top of that the few Full time jobs will be brought in also.

poor get POORER due to future HIGHER prices of exporting USA Gas & hurts USA economy!

Postal Mark

"LNG terminals have an outstanding safety record."

The families of those killed by LNG explosions (look up the stats online) might disagree. If it's so safe, why wouldn't California allow it to be built there, back when it was supposedly an import-only facility?? Oh, yeah, because of safety issues.

But then, as you have stated before, you think we should "party until the boat sinks".


Dh you are correct in your opinion; but Coos County is one big 'Group Think' where outsiders of the Group is not welcome! Beware of Group Think Groups and Radicals both Right or Left!! Moderation is better than 'too much is bad' for everyone!


“A lot of citizens are frustrated,” said Jody McCaffree, the leader of a local anti-LNG group,

Oh really? All I see are a handful of naysayers who want to keep the area impoverished. This is a multi-BILLION dollar project. That's no walk in the park. It has the potential to bring wealth into the area, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of the lumber barons.

Some of you either need to help or get out of the way. x

Common Sense


Please call up Bob Braddock up & offer your property for his GREAT project & don't be upset when your Gas bill goes drastically UP also (Bob Braddock admits the prices will go UP).

Ya...multi-BILLION dollar project that a few BIG BUSINESS's get & all the rest of the USA Citizens get is HUGE Safety risks, Pollution & HIGHER Future Gas prices...SUCH DEAL!!!

Bottomline: ALL this Exporting USA Gas SCAM does is make the rich RICHER$$$ & the poor POORER!!!


I'd be really surprised if tax revenues from this project don't help pay for NECESSARY public safety programs that YOU -- if you really are a local -- would have to pay for.

You've gotten your way so far. The forests can't be cut, the fish can't be caught, and now you want to stop the only development that might bring jobs and outside money to the bay area. Quit trying to scare everyone with half baked truths and rumors.

Common Sense

Exporting USA Gas is a SCAM because:

1) NO Oregon state wide vote
2) NO Benefit for ANY USA Citizen (Takes Land away & Increases future Gas prices)
3) INCREASES USA's dependence on future energy needs from foreign countries
4) LNG pipeline, Terminal & Shipping vessels pose HUGE safety risks
5) Weakens USA Economy by creating higher Prices

Bottomline: Only a few benefit/profit$$$ from this SCAM & the USA Citizen gets all the risks, pollution & higher prices that weakens the future USA Economy!

Postal Mark

"All I see are a handful of naysayers..." And yet, the pro-LNG people refuse to even consider a vote, either county- or state-wide. Put up or shut up.

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