Change is the only option for Coos County commissioner candidate Dale Pennie.

Pennie’s second bid for commissioner is based around the need for change in the leadership of the county. He said he still has faith in the structure of the county, but has lost faith in those running it.

The electrician from Bandon, who has worked as a Powers reserve police officer, welder, mill worker and engineering technician, earned an associate’s degree in engineering from Linn-Benton Community College. He is running for Position 3 and is hoping to scale back on “unnecessary” purchases while getting away from relying on money that “isn’t in our hands.”

“The people running the system right now don’t care about us,” Pennie said. “The good old boys that are running the system don’t want change and we have to change.”

Pennie declined to comment in greater detail about what sort of change he has in mind, saying that because ideas in his last bid for commissioner were “taken,” he’d rather not go into too much detail about things this time around.

But Pennie said that the current commissioners are “bankrupting” the county with frivolous purchases such as new vehicles for police departments and other various equipment.

He does see Coos County as a county that has a lot of potential with its beautiful port, and he wants to turn around the economy, which he says has always been “depressed.”

“I have been here a long time,” Pennie said. “It’s getting worse here. We need to be open to change.”

Pennie said he is against hiring a county administrator and believes if the new commissioners are brought on board, things will be different.

Reporter Tyler Richardson can be reached at 541-269-1222, ext. 236, or at

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Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering

Because I use my own name and don't hide behind an alias, I wish to state this is only my opinion, but I have talked with Dale and his only interest in this position is revenge on the County and mostly Law Enforcement. The "Change" he wants is akin to Anarchy. I have nothing personal against you Dale, but you are not the man for this job. As Geno would say “Just my opinion and I am sticking to it.”


Mr. Pennie's assertion that "things will be different" if new commissioners are elected exposes his lack of understanding of the job. Is he going to step into Position 3 and immediately grasp the challenges of Solid Waste, Juvenile, Mental Health, Water Resources and State Courts? Our current model is broken and history has shown that regardless of who is sitting in the chair, things will not be different.

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