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POWERS — Recalled Powers city councilor Mearl McDaniel Jr. has filed a formal complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State's Elections Division, claiming a voter didn't actually live where he said he did.

McDaniel Jr. filed the letter regarding Jasper "Ziggy" Schrag.

"I received a letter from Coos County Clerk Terri L. Turi dated Nov. 9, 2015, addressing my report that Jasper Schrag violated elected law by registering to vote in the city of Powers while not actually being a resident of the city," McDaniel Jr. wrote.

Schrag could not be reached by deadline.

However, his brother Jeff said he wasn't aware McDaniel Jr. had filed the ethics complaint.

Voters threw out McDaniel Jr., his brother Jack and fellow councilor Joseph George in a special election on Sept. 29.

"All that comes down to is that he's angry because people don't want him in office any more," Jeff said. "He's (McDaniel Jr.) just finding all the little loopholes and different ways to discredit anybody that's trying to stand up against him."

Turi addressed McDaniel Jr.'s concerns.

"The investigation into the validity of the residence listed on a voter registration record of elector Jasper R. Schrag is now complete," the clerk wrote. "It has been determined that Mr. Schrag does not reside at 379 Fir St., Powers, OR, but at 481 Fourth Ave., Powers, OR. Due to Mr. Schrag's admission to the inaccuracy of his registration, there is no need for a hearing.

"The county has forwarded all documentation of your complaint and Mr. Schrag's response to the Elections Division of the Oregon Secretary of State's office to make a determination of any potential violation of election law."

McDaniel Jr., however, stated "I reject the idea that Mr. Schrag is being even partly truthful. He resides in what is called the Schrag Homestead, which is four miles outside city limits."

"Mr. Schrag went to the City of Powers office four days before his reply deadline for the violation notice and had the billing changed on his mother's house on Fourth Avenue listed as his residence in an attempt to prove where he lives," the former councilor wrote. "The city office confirms it. Ask just about anyone in Powers where Mr. Schrag lives and if they don't lie for him, they will tell you he lives at Schrag Homestead four miles down the road.

"I can't believe any sort of investigation would fail to show where somebody lives. Ask the Powers City Hall or the police department. The county sheriff could even find out if people were asked. I strongly urge you to look further into this matter.

"Voter fraud is a serious matter and should be prosecuted fully so it does not continue to undermine the voting process."

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