COOS BAY — The Coos Bay City Council unanimously approved a resolution of support for the North Bay Urban Renewal plan amendment at its meeting Tuesday.

The most significant change to the plan, which hasn’t been updated in more than a decade, is the elimination of a sunset date.

The plan needed to be updated to extend the life of the 9,000-acre urban renewal area so the Coos County Urban Renewal Agency can collect tax revenues and fund projects beyond the 2018 sunset date.

The boundaries of the North Bay Urban Renewal District overlap into a portion of both Coos Bay and North Bend, which is why the plan amendment needed Coos Bay’s approval.

Fred Jacquot, director of port development for the Port of Coos Bay, was the project manager for the plan amendment.

He said there are three significant things that have happened since the last update in 2006.

“At the time the port did not own the Coos Bay rail line, the Jordan Cove project was referenced in the 2006 plan, but it was an import terminal and nobody had heard of the global financial crisis,” Jacquot said.

With those changes in mind, the plan was amended to contain both tier one and tier two projects.

Some of the tier one projects include plan administration, Trans Pacific Parkway improvements, improvement of water treatment plants and a Coos Bay rail line spur extension.

According to Jacquot, the Trans Pacific Parkway will be the first area of focus, with significant improvements targeted for the next five years.

He’s said there’s currently a lot of uncertainty among companies about the utility needs for potential development along the North Spit. The plan helps to address some of that uncertainty.

“So they have been unable to effectively plan their capital investment programs without knowing how much capacity they’re going to need to provide out there,” Jacquot said.

The port development manager said the district was initially created in 1986 to assist with infrastructure needs to help spur development on the North Spit. The Port of Coos Bay is contracted by Coos County to provide administrative services to the Coos County Urban Renewal Agency.

Although many of the projects listed could take years, Jacquot said the plan takes a long-term approach to development.

“We’re playing long ball here, Jacquot said, “We’re not talking about overnight development.”

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