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CHARLESTON — Crock pot fanatics and lazy chefs rejoice. A freezer meal workshop at the Coquille Tribal Plankhouse next month will give soon-to-be meal preppers a tutorial on making dinners in advance.

Jackie Chambers of Charleston Fishing Families said participants will walk away with 10 to 15 meals to put in their freezers.

The $78 cost covers the price of the workshop as well as a Wildtree “kit,” which is a collection of sauces and spices needed for the recipes.

Participants will need to grocery shop beforehand for proteins and produce.

Chambers said those who are leery about the cost should know that they can share the kit with someone they know.

“It’s not a huge cost if you think about what you’re getting out of it,” she said.

There are five options for recipes; family favorites, comfort foods, simply wholesome, backyard barbecue and one stop crock.

Chambers said one of her go-to freezer meals is lasagna. For the workshop she’s decided to do the crock pot recipes, because of their convenience.

She said homemade meals are a healthy alternative to what you’d find in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

“When you make it yourself you know exactly what’s in it,” Chambers said.

The recipes have options for people with allergies, as well as the ability to swap out different, perhaps cheaper, ingredients.

For instance, if a recipe calls for steak but someone would rather buy pork chops because they’re cheaper, Chambers said that’s a good way to cut costs.

After the meals are made, cooks can just pop them in the oven or microwave and voila- a ready-made meal.

Ultimately the fishing wife said making the meals ahead of time gives her a sense of accomplishment.

“I’m a mom too and I know how busy life can get sometimes,” Chambers said.

Charleston Fishing Families is providing the freezer bags, casserole pans and refreshments. The proceeds from the event will be donated to the Fisherman’s relief fund.

Chambers said those interest can attend a meeting this Saturday at the Charleston Marina and RV Park Rec room from 1-3 p.m. The workshop will be held on Feb. 12.

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