flappers coffee house

Kristin Ledyard serves up sandwiches while Roberta and Patrick Smit enjoy their coffee at Flappers in the Old City Hall Building in downtown Coos Bay.


COOS BAY -- After a soft opening last April, Flappers Coffee House plans its grand opening for Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Located in the back of the Old City Hall building (Fourth and Central), Flappers sports a Roaring '20s art deco atmosphere that sets the coffee shop apart from others in the area.

“People love the ambiance here, they just adore it. I get that almost as much as I get compliments on the food,” Manager Kristin Ledyard said.

Owner Greg Nichols was the driving force for the Flappers’ art deco theme. He designed and decorated the entire space, including authentic furniture like the 1937 Zenith radio which plays constantly in the shop.

Ledyard actually closed her café The Grounds in North Bend to come and open up Flappers.

During the summer the business saw some growth when folks attending the 2017 Music on the Corner in downtown Coos Bay would curiously wander in.

“We didn’t have signs up or anything really. We were really just focusing on Facebook and word of mouth. When people gathering to listen to the music realized that we were a coffee house it started growing,” Ledyard said.

Flappers also attributes much of its business to the summer Farmers' Market that happens every Wednesday.

“The local community events have really helped our business,” District Manager Jeremy Miller said.  

A coffeehouse in a downtown area can be a fairly competitive market. However, Flappers has seen nothing but support from other coffee shops in the downtown area.

“So it Goes has been the best, the day after we opened they sent over whole bouquet of flowers welcoming us to the area,” Ledyard said.

For the grand opening employees will be dressed in era appropriate clothing to go along with Flappers’ Roaring '20s theme. There will be local music, along with hors d'oeuvres and champagne in the evening when the ribbon cutting takes place.

Looking forward, Flappers is excited to open up their space for special events including private parties, baby showers, and wedding rehearsals. In December, Flappers hopes to open up a ballroom in an upstairs area of the Old City Hall. They hope to hold catered events and ballroom dancing classes once the space is opened.

“What’s great about our community is that so many people come together, and so many people support us across the board. It just seems like our community is really awesome at working together,” Ledyard said.