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NORTH BEND — The North Bend High School science team set a new record over the weekend.

For the first time in the high school’s history, two teams competed in the regional tournament. The Bonneville Tower Association Science Bowl Competition saw 10 students from North Bend. Both teams won three games, losing one, which also beat out the club’s previous record.

The teams were sponsored by the North Bend High School Recycling Club and the North Bend Schools Foundation.

“The last game was our varsity team against Catlin Gabel, a really well-to-do charter school,” said Christina Geierman, North Bend’s science team coach. “We had them on the ropes and when it came down to the last question one of our kids buzzed in too early. They were so excited to have the answer and put us in the finals that they blurted the answer, meaning the other team won. But sending Catlin Gabel into the final tournament by default is still pretty awesome.

“It’s just awesome that these kids from our school here on the coast could compete against people of that caliber.”

The science club varsity team consisted of Captain Chephren Sinko, Lucas Parvin, Bryce Hadley, James Farlow, and Hassaan Qadir. The junior varsity roster was Captain Austin Goergen, Mathew Frischman, Graham Lyons, Evan Peabody, and Tyler Hill.

By the afternoon, the teams split into three groups to participate in the engineering design competition. The scenario given to the students was how to escape a high school, including getting supplies across a 15-foot gap, signal S.O.S out of a window, and disable the security system using mirrors.

The North Bend teams took first, fourth and fifth place in that competition.

“Training for this has been meeting up every Friday during lunch,” Geierman said. “We had practice competitions in my classroom. I’m very proud of these students.”

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