Hillcrest Elementary

Topic: Qualities of a best friend

I think these are the qualities that makes a best friend. 

My friends are kind,and that's why I am friends with them.They are kind because they help me with my math when I get stuck on a problem.Also because when I ask them if I can play with them,when I have no one to play with,they let me play with them.

Another one is trustful. I trust them when they want to read one of my books,and they bring it back when they are done.Also because when I have something special,and I ask for them to not lose it they do not lose it.

That's why I have lots of friends, because they are kind and trustful.

Dorian E.

If you have a friend, you should trust your friend. You could share, play, and also maybe let them borrow your belongings. Be kind to your friends, also most likely other people. There are also other people in the world that you could be friends with. There are even people who don’t have a friend if you see a person that is bum cheer them up and try to see if they want to be your friend because that would be nice of you and there heart would be filled with joy. And don’t ever treat a friend bad or you will not have iny friends. By

Gunner C.

My friend helps me when I fall. they are thoughtful, kind and they share everything with me. We are all good people,we all have good hearts,we all like each other the way we are. A good friend never leaves another friend behind.

Kaleb B.

Do you have a best friend? If you do who is it , why are they your friend? My best friend is Addison A. Friends should be friends forever. What kind of friend do you want?A good friend would be helpful. A helpful friend would return a borrowed item. Another thing a helpful friend would do is picking up items. A good friend would also be thankful. Throwing a fit is NOT a thankful friend quality. A thankful friend gives back to others. That’s a good friend.

Behr G.

In my opinion, I think kindness, having good humor, and being trustful are the qualities to make a best friend. I know that a friend who is nice to me and other people has kindness.

I think a friend who doesn’t tell someone else there secret is a trustworthy friend. Friends that you can trust are great friends, because friends who don’t lie are awesome!

Also, having good humor makes a best friend, because I like good friends who make me laugh (not in class), and friends who are pretty nice are cool too.

I wonder if i have these qualities to make a best friend.

Cameron G.

What I look for in a best friend is kindness, and honesty. One quality I would look for is kindness. If you fall down, a friend will help you up, and a friend will also take you to the office when you get hurt.

The last quality I look for is honesty. My friend Alyssa does not tell lies about anything.The next thing Alyssa does is tells me the real answer to my questions. My best friend has all of those qualities, and I hope I have all of those qualities, too.

Addison H.

Do you have a best friend? Well, a BFF is someone that is always there for you. They do not bully people. Here is an example, on Misty’s first day of school, I showed her around the school. She doesn't know anybody at school, but she knows me. So, she asked me to be her friend. I said,” Yes, I will be your friend.” We play together and have sleepovers. BFF is some that can hillp you.

Karlie H.

The qualities of a good friend My best friends are Will and Ariana they moved but they helped me when i was sad like when their dog killed my cat but i forgave them this is what they were like Nice, respectful, responsible, safe,honest, trustworthy because a trustworthy friend would not tell anyone your secret if you tell them one. And a brave friend would stick up for you if you are getting bullied or teased. And a honest friend will tell you the truth if you ask them something. And a respectful friend will not be mean to you. And a responsible friend will not get you in trouble. And a safe friend will not get you hurt. And a nice friend will not hurt your feelings. And a lot more but that is what a true friend is like to me. Do you have any of those?

Jonah H.

I know that a good friend is kind to other people and can be trusted to not tell stuff you didn’t want them not to tell.

If you are gonna trust a friend, I hope they don’t tell or talk about you when you aren’t around. I want a friend that doesn’t tell your secrets or anything. Make sure you can trust them because if you leave your favorite thing at their house, they might not give it back because they like it too. When I spent they night at Lauren’s house we were playing a game and she told me she wasn’t it but I didn’t trust her, but she was it.

A true friend can always be nice to you and isn’t to mean to other people. If you are looking for a best friend look for someone who won’t always want to do it their way. Look for a best friend who is very nice to other people including you. When I was littler I was playing soccer and someone pushed my friend and then I felt bad so I pushed them back.

Those are some of the qualities I think a good friend should have.

Carley L.

The qualities that I feel make a best friend are kindness and honesty. Kindness is a quality that everyone should have. Most people don’t want a friend that is mean or bossy to them. People like being around nice friends they can trust. Honesty should be in every great friend. People want a friend they can trust. If they share a secret with them, they will not tell anyone. I remember last year, my friend told me a secret, and I have not told anybody unless she told me to tell someone. I hope my friends think I have all these qualities.


In my opinion, to be a good friend is to be kind, trustworthy ,and not lie. If you lie to your friend, you would not be a good friend. For example, if you want to play somewhere else, and you lie and say you have homework to do, you are not being a good friend.You are a good friend if you trust each other. Another example is if you are sad, you can trust your friend to tell them why. My opinion is if you fall, your friend should help you up and ask if you are ok. You should be kind, not mean to your friends, my friends and me. These are reasons you should be a good friends. like hopefully me and my friends.

Abby P.

The things I want as a friend are: honesty and kindness.

Help others if there hert. Don’t lie to each other.

Smile every day. Tell the truth. Give hugs. Be like others who are kind.

Be honest and kind. Say “Please and thank you”. Be polite. And always help.

Don’t bully or laugh at people. Be nice. And honest. But in my opinion I think that it doesn’t matter if you are mean or not just be friends. That’s how you make a friend.

Abigail P.

The qualities that can make you a good friend are these, in my opinion. The first two are about kindness. If your friend is hurt, then help them. And, another quality in a good friend would be to think of their feelings. Don't hurt your friend either because, what’s the point of hurting them? The other qualities of a friend are about judging. Do not say I'm not hanging out with you cause you have brown hair.And this is the next one do not say I'm not your friend cause you dyed your hair blue. If you do these, then I say you would be a good friend.

Kyler R.

When you're a friend, you can’t just be a good friend, you need to be kind and stand up for your friend. It is a good thing to be kind and really supportive.

You should be kind to everyone, to be a friend, be kind. Being kind will let you have other friends, so if you're kind to others they will be kind. An example is when is when I was kind to Dorian, on the first time she came to school in first grade, we became friends, and she was a good friend to me. So being kind, is a good thing. You can get friends from being kind. One reason is standing up to you’re friend is a kind thing to do. Standing up to your friend shows your a nice friend, and a true friend. One time, someone was being rude to me, and Dorian came over and she stood up for me. So, if you want to be a friend I think you should be kind and stand up for your friend it is a really good thing!

Chrissy R.

What qualities do you want for a best friend and why do they treat you well .well here are a few of mine. I would want them to help me and be there for me .I would like them to be trustworthy.I sometimes feel like it is hard to find these qualities.But my two best friends Hunter ,Bear and Camryn in my opinion have all these qualities and I would hope they think i have these qualities to.

Seb S.

The qualities that I feel that make a great friend are bravery and kindness. I look for these qualities in my friends, and I hope that I have these for others. One example for bravery is when a friend stands up against big bullies. It is important to have courage to help a friend that is in a pickle of a situation. Another example ( for kindness ) is being grateful. It is important to have kindness to not be bullies for eternity. I am glad I’m not a bully, and I hope my friends aren't bullies. Do you?

Delano V.

These are good quality about my good friend, Cam. I like him because kind and helps other. And I like that he treats other the same. One is, be Safe because I do not want to see Cam get hurt, but he is not because he is doing the right thing. The other is trust them with your secrets that

they will not tell other people or your friend will be sad.

And that is good quality for my good friend, Cam.

John W.

There are only a couple qualities you need to have to be a good friend. You need to be kind and trustworthy.

Most of my friends are kind and that is what makes them great friends. For an example my friend Sophia helped my grandma pick up the wrapping paper that I left on the floor at her house. Also, in walk-to-read my friend Jasmine helped me finish an assignment that I missed when I was absent.

A lot of my friends are trustworthy and that is what makes them good friends. I can trust Carley that if I let

her read my book she would bring it back when she was done reading it. I can trust Erica that if I let her borrow a jacket she would give it back.

Most of my friends are kind and trustworthy, but they are more than that, too.

Lauren E.