COOS BAY — Coos Bay police and fire responded to reports of a bicyclist colliding with a vehicle Tuesday afternoon outside of the Shorepines Bay Village Mobile Home Park.

The driver of a black Toyota SUV was making a right-hand turn out of the mobile home park when she struck a cyclist who was traveling west on the wrong side of the road down Ocean Boulevard.

Medical assistance arrived first on the scene and quickly took the cyclist to a hospital to be treated. The extent of the man’s injuries are not yet known. However, there was some blood on the pavement where the man fell from his bike.

“It doesn’t appear to be life threatening,” Captain Chris Chapanar, public information officer of Coos Bay Police said.

The woman driving the vehicle was not injured. Police say the victim looked to be in his 60s.

According to witnesses, it sounds like the man was trying to cross the road after the woman exiting Shorepines had already made her turn resulting in a collision with the back end of her vehicle.