DALLAS, Ore. — The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says a Bandon man who is running for Coos County commissioner is a “strong person of interest” in the 2004 disappearance of his brother.

Sheriff Bob Wolfe said he has information that connects Dale A. Pennie to the disappearance of his brother Glenn Pennie.

The 56-year-old electrician, who lived alone, has been missing since a few days before he was set to travel to California for a probate hearing regarding the inheritance of his deceased father. The brothers had been in a dispute over the nearly $1.5 million inheritance since George Pennie died in 2003. Wolfe said he believes the dispute over the estate played a role in Pennie’s disappearance.

Police found Glenn Pennie’s pickup in his driveway unlocked, with packed suitcases, important documents and the keys all still inside. A neighbor was the last person to see him alive that morning.

“We have always considered Dale a strong person of interest,” Wolfe said. “We are continuing to get information that leads us back to Dale.”

Wolfe declined to release that information, saying the case was still under investigation.

Dale Pennie adamantly denies he had anything to do with his brother’s disappearance and says the accusations are all part of a smear campaign to thwart his campaign.

“They are barking up the wrong tree,” Pennie said. “I have nothing to hide and nothing to do with it.”

Wolfe said that while they don’t have concrete proof Pennie is dead, foul play is suspected. There were no signs of a struggle at the crime scene, and Wolf said police conducted an extensive 52 square-mile search for Pennie that included airplanes and all-terrain vehicles in the days after he went missing.

Wolfe said the Pennie brothers never really saw eye-to-eye, and Dale Pennie confirmed his relationship with his brother was not good, saying he was bullied by him.

When asked if he missed his brother, Pennie said, “No. The way he was and the way he treated my father, I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Pennie said police questioned him and accused him of playing a part in the case, but that he was in Bandon when his brother disappeared. He said his alibi was corroborated by witnesses. Pennie also denied he could have benefited financially from Glennn’s death.

“If they had strong reason, they would be down here arresting me,” Pennie said. “The police we have in Polk County and Coos County are a bunch of idiots. This is just another smear against my good name.”

Pennie said he was awarded $29,000 from his father’s estate and that Glennn’s daughter, Christina, received the rest, but Wolfe said the estate was still tied up in court.

Wolfe said new information in the case will prompt investigators to re-interview Pennie, his wife and other family members they believe have given them false information.

His office is offering a $10,000 reward for information that can help close the case, and a billboard has been placed on I-5 seeking assistance from the public.

“We are hoping people can come forward,” Wolfe said



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[quote]IWanttoknow said: " Take notice I did not mention running. Geno L "[/quote]

And saying this completely degraded its intended message.

Local Jerk

Dale " Hey bro, let's take my car - share the ride, give us a chance to get to know each other better!"


Kay and IWanttoknow: Clearly you two super sleuths have exposed yet ANOTHER conspiracy involving the wealthy, powerful good 'ol boy network in premeditated suppression of the underemployed and unemployed of Coos County. And, it's linked the Food Bank conspiracy as well? Maybe Polk county just has new information in a cold case and Dale Pennie is a person of interest. More importantly, you might consider taking a GED level English Comp. class if you want to write cogently in this format. Poke


The Public Trail on Dale Pennie is in session: The honorable Geno (NA) is presiding. Geno to Public; Its MY OPINION that if Poke County has evidence against Mr. Pennie they would convene a "Grand Jury" present their case against Mr. Pennie and if convinced the District Attorney for Poke County would arrest Mr. D. Pennie and set a 'trial date' and Mr. D. Pennie would have his day in court. So, I declare this 'trial' has no merit. Dismissed. Dale is an America and we the demand his rights. GL

Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering

Geno .... "I have a heart?" ..... Wow thanks. There are some whop would disagree, but Yes, our home is Polk County, but our hearts and prayers are still with Coos County. And this silly season, Coos County needs all the prayers it can get.


Calling the Coos County Sheriffs a "Bunch of idiots" seems a bit irresponsible from an aspiring elected official.


Thanks Steve P. I wish you and your lovely wife was still present here but I know (in my opinion) both of your hearts are! No, Steve you don't have two hearts!! Regardless, of 'insider' information (I have a few who are in the know) everyone in America (maybe changed by recent appropriate bill) We the people are innocent till proven Guilty (of being stupid)! Once again, why him, why now, why the urgency! Its my opinion and I'm stickin' to it! Take notice I did not mention running. Geno L


Mr. Penne had a horrific environemtal charge against him by the DEQ because of his property near Bandon. The Planning Department had to send out the code compliance office more than once. Mr. Penne was not forthright in this issue and nothing I have read would lead me to believe he could be a good candidate for County Commissioner. This county has enough problems without Mr. Penne.


I dunno...what better publicity could someone get other than a scandal! Now all he needs is a sex tape...

Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering

Kay, I know Bob Wolfe, and I know Dale Penne, and I was living not very far from Glenn when this happened. This has nothing to do with the election on Polk County's part, other than being a cold case with new information because of the cold case reopening. Kay, this has nothing to do with the Food Bank. You are stretching the facts again to harp on one of your rants. IWantToKnow, I respect you, but take my word for this, Don't hitch your horse to a Penny Wagon.


Does he work at a Food Bank? This paper loves them some salacious Food Bank Fightin.


While this 'News Breaking' news maybe accurate it may not be! Its just a 'destiny' moment. As strange as it maybe, its strange it becomes 'breaking news' at the time the Ballots are in voter's hands or is Ballots in voters hands the reason for making this 2004 into 'breaking news' besides most people in America is innocent to proven guilty except when that person is a 'STRONG PERSON OF INTEREST' THEY MUST BE GUILTY AS CHA..... OH! there is no 'cha....s' just convicted by a Breaking News Break

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