COQUILLE — Last Saturday around 3 p.m. deputies responded to an accident at milepost 2 on Fairview Road in Coquille.

When they arrived on the scene deputies found two people in a vehicle that had run into a tree. Deputies also deduced that both of the people involved in the accident had been drinking.

Driver Teena Ferrerra and her passenger Robert Sanborn were driving toward Coquille, when a verbal altercation caused Sanborn to become angry and push the steering wheel, which resulted in the vehicle running off the road and into a tree.

While deputies were gathering information on the crash Ferrerra became upset and tried to grab at Sanborn. She was stopped by a deputy who stood between her and Sanborn. Ferrerra hit the deputy in the leg.

When taken to Coos County Jail both parties refused sobriety testing and breath samples on the intoxilyzer.

Ferrerra and Sanborn were both arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Sanborn was also arrested for disorderly conduct 2, reckless endangering, and reckless driving. On top of her DUII, Ferrerra was charged with reckless endangering, reckless driving and harassment.