COOS COUNTY - The Coos County Sheriff's Office warns the public about alleged fraud in the area after a woman was contacted by a man claiming to be a Sheriff's Office lieutenant.

According to a press release, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Nov. 24 from a women who was on her way to the Coos County Courthouse after receiving a call from a subject claiming to be a Sheriff’s Office lieutenant. The alleged lieutenant told the woman she had warrants for her arrest and needed to turn herself in immediately at the courthouse. 

As she drove to the courthouse, the woman said the alleged lieutenant asked for her GPS coordinates. The alleged lieutenant also told her she needed to stop and purchase vouchers to alleviate the warrant. This rightly raised the suspicion of the victim, who disconnected from the suspected fraud and called the real Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office will never ask you to get “vouchers” or give credit card information over the phone to take care of warrants, the press release stated.

"As the holiday season closes in, historically we see more fraudulent telephone scams," said Sheriff's Office Deputy M. Smith. "Each year citizens are scammed into giving money by credit card or money orders to these fraudulent persons. Never provide sensitive information to anyone over the phone unless you are certain of who you are speaking to."

"And, as always, if you have a warrant for your arrest, we won’t ask you to drive to the courthouse, we will gladly pick you up."