COOS BAY — Fans of former downtown night club The Social will be happy to hear it’s reopening under much of the same management, but with the new name Sky Bar.

Social owners Brandon and Jamie Thurman were approached by their friend Skylar Arment about expanding the Social’s potential.

“I think in the next three to five years you’re going to see a big scene come here to the coast, and we’re going to set it off,” Thurman said.

While the Social was only open a couple times a month, Sky Bar will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

“He was like hey everybody’s loving the social, you need to do it more. The Social was actually a special event, we would only throw one or two parties a month. It wasn’t an actual bar, and Sky Bar is going to be an actual bar,” Thurman said.

The bar is likely to open within the next month. Originally the folks at Sky Bar planned on opening on New Year’s Eve, but were held up by more ambitious construction.

“We don’t want to give a definitive opening date, but we hope to open in the next four to six weeks,” Thurman said.

Sky Bar will have a new 52-foot granite topped bar, a dedicated DJ booth with some of the most advanced DJ equipment on the market, and a remodeled VIP room with a 46-foot wrap around couch.

“There’s going to be some big-wig people showing up here. We’re definitely going to be bringing some of the artists we had. Mickey Avalon will be coming back, we’re looking at Afroman, we’re looking at bringing back Joy Zoo, we’re looking at quite a few other artists that we want to bring in for special events,” Thurman said.

Eventually Sky Bar hopes to open up a full kitchen for patrons as well, but is still working out the proper permits with the city.

“We just want to tailor to those people who want to go out and hit that club scene, that right now you have to go out of town for,” Thurman said.