MYRTLE POINT -- Voters turned down -- 817 votes to 587 votes -- a bond measure that would have brought in $3.5 million for Myrtle Point school buildings.

The buildings won't fall down anytime soon, Superintendent Bruce Shull said.

But 'that doesn't mean the roofs aren't going to leak and the plumbing's not going to work and all those things," he added.

A disappointed Shull said he's somewhat surprised by the vote result.

'I thought the last bond measure was quite a bit more, so we reduced it to about a fifth, or less, so I guess that really isn't what the issue is," he said, referring to an earlier $13.5 million bond measure to which voters also said no.

The district pared down the amount with hopes of still getting some heating, windows, doors, electrical and energy efficiency work accomplished, Shull said.

The district offered tours of the two buildings and sent out detailed mailers to inform people. Neither worked, and little interest was shown, he said.

'I just get the sense that there just isn't a sense of urgency about fixing the buildings," he said.

The district will do the best it can to keep buildings maintained, Shull said. A $1.5 million grant for seismic work to the high school will accomplish some work, but not as much as hoped for, he said.

'There was the opportunity with this seismic grant to combine some projects and really save the taxpayers some money, and that's obviously not going to happen. That's disappointing, because I think it was a really good opportunity," he said.

What comes next is up to the community, which will have to figure out what they want to invest in schools, Shull said.

'That's what the community's going to have to figure out, because there are some serious issues with the building and you can't just ignore them."

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If the parents and kids pitched in they could also see what needed to be done first hand, and might just be willing to pass a bond measure. These are hard times; and with Coquille and Myrtle Point looking like a patchwork of flee markets it's unlikely you'll ever see a bond measure pass. Fix the economy and the revenue will come to repair the schools.


Well paying jobs are what is needed. Bring back the economy and these problems go away. I agree that consolidation is needed among other cost saving measures. I always thought that if a farmer could donate some land for the kids to grow produce they could sell it for band uniforms or instruments. If the schools need some work done to them why couldn't parents donate time with their children to repair them. Instead of paying a bunch of contractor labor costs you would have volunteer labor.


Why give more money to a school if they are not using what they have wisely. They have let the school fall apart and have done little to prevent it from happening. Instead of fixing the little things they wait for it to become bad enough and then beg for more money... Enough is enough


Again, we need to see county-wide school district consolidation.

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