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DOUGLAS COUNTY — Between the proposal for a new library district and county commissioner contenders, the May ballot is packed.

Here are the requirements and timeline if you want to vote May 15 per the County Clerk's Office. 

Oregon doesn't have an open primary. This means the ballot "you receive will be determined by your party affiliation," according to the clerk's website. 

If you're registered as a Democrat, Republican or Independent you'll receive a ballot with the candidates affiliated your respective party. However for those voters not affiliated with any party or as a member of a minor party, you'll get a ballot for non-partisan candidates. 

"Regardless of your party affiliation, your ballot will contain all measures that you are eligible to vote on," according to the website link.

Authors at the Clerk's Office wrote "to verify we have the correct voter  registration information or make party changes, go to Voter Registration (link)." 

The bottom line? The last day to register to vote or if you want to change your party affiliation is party affiliation is April 24. County staff will mail ballots between April 25 and 26. 

March 6 was the last day to file for office. 

A voter's ballot must be in an official drop box by 8 p.m. May 15 to be counted. 

Your ballot must be in an official drop box by 8 p.m. May 15  to be counted.

"Postmarks do not count so make sure you allow enough time for the ballot to be returned to us. If you have any questions, check with your postal carrier," according to the website link. 

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