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Blizzard cake? Yes, like Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream cake. I have never had the pleasure, but Friday was my lucky day. My morning consisted of driving to Bandon to watch and then make a Blizzard ice cream dessert cake at the Dairy Queen with Monica Landon.

filling the bliz

A ring taken from the freezer is placed on a cardboard base and then filled with ice cream starting around the edges. The icy cold ring allows the ice cream to cling to the edges. A thin base is spread and then the pre-formed fudge or cookie filling is added. A Blizzard ice cream filling is added and returned to the freezer until decorating can take place.

The first thing we did was fill chilled metal rings with ice cream setting on a cardboard base. The ice cream would cling to the ring, then it got pushed around and smoothed preparing a nest for the pre-formed fudge filling — looking like a giant cookie — that got pressed down into the bottom of the ice cream and then we put our projects back into the freezer. The next step was preparing a Blizzard ice cream filling, my choice Reese's cup bits. We pulled our forms back out of the freezer to add the Blizzard, smoothed it and added some chunks on top then removed the metal ring. Keeping things cold was the key.

The larger Blizzard cake Monica was working on got a second decorative border on top before the drizzles were added. I got to do that and it was beautiful when I was done. This seems like a fun art outlet.

crumbles on the bliz

Once the ice cream cake is released from the chilled metal ring the sides are textured, a decorative ring is added at the base, sprinkles added and then a decorative edge is added to the top with the final fudge drizzles for visual appeal.

Next up was a demo on a pre-made blank ice cream cake. It's been years since I visited a walk-in freezer and it brought back chilling memories of employment at Kentucky Fried Chicken then later the Arctic Circle. I decided to let Monica do her thing so she could get in and get out. We were pressed for time.

Pretty cake in progress

Monica Landon demonstrates her cake decorating. Dairy Queen has some suggested design options that meet corporate franchise guidelines.

adding sprinkles

The blank ice cream cakes can be customized for special occasions. Here Monica Landon adds some colorful sprinkles to her simple spring floral design.

Grab and go, ready to eat ice cream cakes start at $9.99 for the 8-inch mini then prices goes up to $29.99 for the sheet cake. That includes a custom design, but you will need to order in advance.

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The rice sugar paper has some generic designs that are fast and easy for filling the freezer. Like every industry even the food industry is streamlining their process.

Grab and go orders

Dairy Queen ice cream cakes in the cooler are referred to as grab and go, edible orders. Prices for ice cream cakes range from $9.99-$21.99

Monica Landon cake catalog

Monica Landon shows the different ice cream cake options in the catalog at Bandon Dairy Queen.

Fudge, and cookie crunch centers are most common but you can get strawberry. Better check out the options in the catalog if you are looking for something special. 

my cake

This is my mini Reese's Blizzard ice cream cake. My decorative ring has unintended tips and the fudge drizzle turned into a puddle. No one at work complained when we sampled my creation.

My 8-inch mini Blizzard cake came back to work with me, at least 10 of us got a nice sampling of the Reese's Blizzard ice cream cake. Pretty sure it got a thumbs up all the way around.