Bananas? No way.

Shortly after my mead story in South Coast Beat a fellow named Jerry Kirkbey gave me a ring to harass me about typos, my calendar and to talk about mead. It was all good and by the end of the conversation I felt like I had a new friend. So a couple months later he calls back to ask about his banana pictures. What banana pictures? 

Jerry Kirkbey was gifted a banana plant more than a decade ago and this year it had bananas. There are a row of banana plants down the road, near Greenacres where he lives, and they didn't have any blossoms he said.

I asked Jerry if his plant was isolated with it's own micro-climate and he said "No, its just out in the middle of the yard." Greenacres is a coastal micro-climate. For those of you new to the area, a few miles from the ocean can mean several degrees. 

He said "It gets mid-day and afternoon sun."

The plant he estimates is about 10-12 feet tall with leaves 4-5 feet long and more than a foot wide. Yep, that sounds like the bananas I've seen in Hawaii.

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He said he's used the banana leaves for a pig roast before. How cool is that? If you're planning a Luau I might give you his contact information.

I like to share local unusual things. Is it news? Not really. But it's interesting. Kind of like my bumble bee nest or the giant salamander I found one spring digging in my raspberry patch. 

If you have something unusual to share, email a hi-res photo with some details to I can't promise you anything but I might use your photo and a short story in South Coast Beat.