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Happy spring.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who is taking part in our Where in The World? vacation photos feature. I’m going to have to come up with a map which locates where all our submissions have come from. I’m sure it would be quite impressive already.

And with vacation season coming up, this summer should be fun. I look forward to seeing where everyone is going on their trips and what fabulous restaurants they visited.

The success of this feature spawned a question: I was asked recently if there was any way to do something similar to this for our local restaurants to show off their food.

I loved the idea.

So, I thought about it. I churned around and sketched out several possibilities before coming up with the winner.

Welcome to “Signature Series.”

We’ll feature one local restaurant a week with a photo of their signature dish, and a little about the restaurant and the owners or chefs.

The series will include any locally owned nonchain restaurant in Coos County, Winchester Bay or Reedsport. The general format will be what you see above from Millers At The Cove in Charleston.

Scott and Andrea of Millers recently had their green chili named “Best Bite” at the Bite of the Bay fundraiser for the Pacific Cove Humane Society.

While the green chili won the award, Miller’s At The Cove is best know for their Baja Fish Tacos (above).  I’ve spent more than few late lunches after work looking over a fish taco and a basket of tater tots.

There is one fair way to decide which order restaurants will go in for this “Signature Series” — the restaurant owners and chefs/cooks get to decide. If you own a restaurant and would like to be included, email me at

The first restaurant to send an email will get on the list first. And so on. (They won’t count if they go to my personal email.) If the list gets too long, we’ll try to do a couple at a time like we do with Where in The World?

I’m starting the list as of when the press ran this morning.

I’m looking forward to seeing the best the Bay Area has to offer.

n n n

It’s not often I can get out to a sitdown breakfast during the week since I’m at the office at 6:30 every morning, that and there aren’t too many places open just after 6 a.m. along the highway, but Mom’s is one of them.

So on a recent rare day off midweek, Autumn and I took advantage of being in town and stopped for breakfast at Mom’s Kitchen in North Bend.

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Autumn ordered the Denver omelette, and I had the stuffed hashed browns, which come filled with onions, peppers, choice of meat and are topped with cheese.

I really wanted eggs, but decided to go off the grid for a change. I’m just glad that the omelette is so big that Autumn had plenty to share.

n n n

I keep finding myself at the Yogurt Shop in North Bend for some reason.

I even tried the one in Florence a couple of times, but the one in North Bend is bigger and has a better selection of toppings.

It’s probably a good thing that they stopped having Red Velvet Cake after I wrote about them a few weeks ago, because now I’ve been able to try so many of the other flavors.

The cookies and cream they had up there on Monday was very good, and Autumn and I both liked the pineapple.

Oh, and if the apple pie makes a comeback and you’re an apple pie fan, try it. I still can’t believe how good some of the flavors compare to the real things.