CHARLESTON — A while back, I told you that while I've been at this for more than a decade now, there are still some restaurants that I hadn't been to.

Yep, ones that have been here as long as I have. There aren't many, but there are still a few.

Autumn and I took care of one of those recently.

If you can believe it, we had never been to Portside in Charleston. Driven by it a hundred times while out in the marina area and never stopped in.

In all honesty, it wasn't our first, or even our second choice, but it turned out to be a great choice.

After a day in Bandon and attending the Cranberry Festival, Autumn and I figured we'd hit a restaurant on the way home, but it was very warm when we walked in the door so we decided to try our favorite fish taco place in Charleston.

When we got there, the line was predictably out the door on a Saturday evening.

"Since we're here, do you want to try out Portside?" Autumn asked. "We've never been there."

I hadn't planned on a big seafood dinner, but it did sound good.

The restaurant is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.

We had a nice table next to the big windows overlooking the water. The tide was not quite all the way in, but it was a really good water view.

The menu is very extensive and we took a few minutes to look at everything.

Autumn found the Cajun Blackened Halibut on the menu. She's been telling me for years that she remembers a really good blackened snapper she had once, so she decided to order it.

That it also had Cajun seasoning ... bonus!

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I've been on a pasta kick recently, so I ordered the seafood pasta that comes with bay shrimp, clams, Dungeness crab, scallops and fish.

If that sounds like a lot of seafood, it is. And it was very good. It comes in a cream sauce with garlic, mushrooms and green onions.

I still like to think I have a decent size appetite, but I was no match for this dish. There was so much food that I got to take half of it home for dinner the next night. And it was almost as good reheated as it was at the restaurant.

Autumn's halibut came with a sweet red pepper sauce, veggies and rice pilaf.

"It was very good," she said. "You barely had to put your fork on it and it flaked apart."

She said it had the nice Cajun flavors to it without being too spicy or overpowering the blackened seasonings. She also took half of her meal home.

She said she would definitely order it again.

We were very impressed with our server (Gabriel), the service and the food. The two seafood dinners, a beer and an iced tea came to $60 — not bad when you consider we got four meals out of it.