COOS BAY — Back in mid-July, sports editor John Gunther and I were just about to embark on our tour of the downtown farmers' market when I got a letter in the mail.

It was from Kelley Jones from City Subs, inviting John and me to do a story about the downtown sandwich shop. The timing was all wrong at the time, but she said she had been reading our "Lunch Specials" series, made the invitation, then told us about "The Lumberjack."

Telling us The Lumberjack was their biggest sandwich, she included the list of ingredients. It sounded like a lot to put on one of their homemade sandwich rolls.

Turkey, ham, beef, salami, bacon, cheddar, mustard and mayo.

This is the kind of invite you get when you challenge some of the biggest sandwiches and burgers in the Bay Area.

It took us seven weeks to finish the farmers' market series, then we spent a couple weeks out of the downtown area before coming back.

With every intention of getting The Lumberjack, I went online to check out their menu before heading over. There, under the "Specials" tab was the Harvest Meltie: turkey, bacon, avocado, ranch, tomatoes, olives and melted cheddar cheese.

My decision was made.

The Lumberjack would have to be John's choice if that's what he wanted. He did.

So, that's what we ordered. The Lumberjack isn't on the regular menu, so you have to ask for it. Add in a soda and a bottle of water and our bill came to $16.70.

Our order showed up pretty quickly, but it did give John and me a chance to talk about the wild World Series Game 5 the night before. Then Drake and Kimberly Nelson, owners of Coos Bay Speedway, came in with one of their two boys and chatted with John about the upcoming end-of-the-season banquet for a few minutes.

You have to understand how close City Subs is to our office. Maybe 20 steps from the front door here to the light at Commercial and 4th. Cross both directions and then another 40 steps or so to the door. My fitbit didn't even get any exercise walking over there.

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I've always been a really big fan of the bread they make daily for their sandwiches. I'm not as big a fan of the toppings (pickles, tomatoes, onions) that come on many sandwiches. So when I saw the Harvest Meltie as the special, I knew I was getting everything I wanted.

John on the other hand is a big veggies guy, so he added the veggies to his Lumberjack.

We both left very full.

"It didn't look that big," John said. "But it was filling. It's more meat than I usually eat, I think."

City Subs is located at 149 4th St. in downtown Coos Bay. They also do to-go orders, call 541-269-9000.

Kelley, I'm sorry it took so long to take you up on your invite. We both enjoyed our sandwiches. Maybe next time I'll try The Armadillo.